1. Spiritual Stratocaster

    DID oldheads clown MARTY MAR for 'SHENAENAE" ?

    Obviously putting on. A dress as a man is a big no and has big consequences..but I was only like 6 in the show prime time. How were the oldheads reacting? Did yall see Martin as lesser than or did yall just see it as comedy and not think too much about it?
  2. FluffyEyes

    Tisha Campbell Martin putting that work in.

    Throwback to Tisha training I wonder if she still does.
  3. Rhule the World

    Why did Life (1999) bomb at the box office?

    It had two of the biggest stars in Hollywood, was funny as hell & had a deep message. When you see the characters fade away as the years pass by I get teary eyed :mjcry: However, it only did $73.4 million at the box office with a $80 million budget. What gives? :gucci:
  4. J

    Was the show Martin really colorist?

    :what: Why are people rewriting history, saying Martin was a colorist show. Because he and Pam, used to go at it. Both Martin, and Pam had heat for each other. Plus Pam was alway said to be attractive, and Gina gotten most of the jokes about her skin color.
  5. Sex Luthor

    Today is the 29th anniversary of the GOAT tv show.

    What's some of your favorite moments? Pam and martin roasting each other will never be beat. Hands down the funniest tv enemies
  6. Insa Tum-Tum

    democrat shill debates black conservative youth

  7. Antwon Mitchell

    In terms of body & character...Which era of Tichina Arnold do you favor? Pamela James VS. Rochelle.

    Tichina Arnold (Martin era): Tichina Arnold (Everybody Hates Chris era): :patrice: :martin: :yeshrug:
  8. Yo Mama

    Gina Or Pam - The Answer

    Are there any coli posters who were adults when martin was on? Im sure most watched it as kids or as reruns. If you know any gysers who watched it back then ask them. Coz many have said that when they were younger they saw gina through a "light skinded lens".
  9. Martin cartoon

    Martin cartoon

  10. JadeB

    Which decade had the bigger impact on modern black culture?

    the 1970s: or the 1990s
  11. martin mask

    martin mask

  12. Martin Blue Streak

    Martin Blue Streak

  13. Rhapture

    Who is your favorite Martin character?

    Which characters do you think could carry a spinoff or a movie by themselves?
  14. you're NOT "n!ggas"

    Brandon T Jackson Regrets Wearing Dress with Martin Lawrence: "Katt Williams tried to warn me"

    He still eatin tho, don't ask me how :whoo:
  15. Orlando Martin

    Orlando Martin

  16. D

    Hustle Man Appreciation Thread

    The GOAT recurring character from the GOAT sitcom:wow:
  17. Barney Martin

    Barney Martin

  18. Martin Big

    Martin Big

  19. ba'al

    Gina from Martin just released a new song and dance video with Rich The Kid

  20. Martin (no torso)

    Martin (no torso)