1. ViShawn

    Marvel Introduces Its First Gay Spider-Man as the Latest Spider-Verse Variant

    Marvel will introduce its first gay Spider-Man, a new character named Web-Weaver, in the upcoming Edge of Spider-Verse #5, which releases in Sept. So what does this mean? Do webs shoot out his bussy? :camby:
  2. humminbird

    Which Marvel Cinematic Universe Female Type makes the best Wife

    So now with 20+ films, we have some interesting female archetypes that are unique from one another. Please note we're talking about the personality of the character, not the actresses themselves. I'm buzzed just bear with me:mjgrin: Would you rather wife The Black Widow Type Secretive Past and...
  3. Days of Future Piff

    What ruined Marvel comics?

    I was reading an interview with Jim Shooter on the current state of Marvel comics, which got me thinking... Anyhow, Imma let y'all cook.
  4. Days of Future Piff

    Joe Quesada leaves Marvel Comics

    Source: Former Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada Leaves Marvel After 22 Years - IGN It seems like a lot of fans have mixed feelings about Joe Q’s time at Marvel. Some fans maintain that he was a welcome change after the reign of Bob Harras (especially after the comic crash of the mid 90s). Other...
  5. Days of Future Piff

    Marvel characters with the most comic appearances

    First half of the video is DC, the second half is all Marvel. Cliffnotes: Spider-man - 15,323 Wolverine- 14,975 Captain America- 10,505 Cyclops- 10,398 Iron Man- 10,072 Storm- 9381 Beast- 9070 Thor-7597 Iceman- 7555 The Thing (Fantastic Four)- 7338 Jean Grey/Phoenix- 7275 Colossus- 7130...
  6. Days of Future Piff

    Let's be real... CYCLOPS is the most MACKISH member of the X-men.

    Scott Summers had Jean Grey, Coleen Wing, and Lee Forrester eating out of the palm of his hand back in the OG comic runs. Dude had women straight up GIVING him the keys to their apartments :wow: Scott was always that dude until X-factor retconned him into being an out-of-character...
  7. Take It In Blood

    According to Hova witnesses the Angel Michael was actually Jesus before coming down to Earth

    Coli religious folks what do u think of this? :lupe:
  8. loyola llothta

    Daredevil’ Cracks Nielsen Top 10 Rankings 3 Years After Cancellation Following ….. Cameo &

    Daredevil’ Cracks Nielsen Top 10 Rankings 3 Years After Cancellation Following ‘Spider-Man’ Cameo & ‘Hawkeye’ Kingpin Reveal January 20, 2022 4:51pm link:
  9. Days of Future Piff

    What is the WORST thing Marvel could do with the MCU X-men reboot?

    Everyone's talking about how the X-men could be brought into the MCU... but how could they potentially mess it up? (If the MCU X-men somehow ends up being trash :trash: like the Star Wars sequels...:mjcry:) I gave 3 votes, btw.
  10. Rell Lauren

    Marvel was pitched an animated project called Marvel Era for their 75th Anniversary

    As bad as their animation is, this would have given them a second life.
  11. Days of Future Piff

    "Welcome to DIE, X-Men!" MAGNETO appreciation

    Magneto first appeared in the X-men #1 (1963). We all know Magneto as the archnemesis of the X-men as well as Professor X's ideological foil (and former best friend). Magneto was later revealed to be a holocaust survivor in the early 80s, which explains a lot about his dim view of humanity and...
  12. Westbama Heartthrob

    Has there ever been a lightskinned superhero? Non-biracial

    :patrice: I cant think of any from neither marvel or dc As a light skinned breh myself, aint very many options to cosplay:beli: However, I do somewhat remember marvel having a female character named light-brite :mjpls: Edit: And she ain't even light skinned :mjlol:
  13. Dober Man

    Strange Academy might replace Xavier institute in the MCU

    Wanda Vision proved 1.) Wanda had powers before the mind stone and possibly Pietro too. 2.) She can intentionally or unintentionally bestow or take away powers from others like she did with Monica and fake Pietro. 3.) I believe those townspeople she warped might start producing "Mystic"...
  14. Dr.Omega

    So what's up with the Eternals movie? No trailer, No Nothing

    This movie is less than a year away. And we haven't even seen a teaser yet. That befuddles me. I know there are movies/shows coming before this, but even still. Youd think thered be a 30 second teaser, just to build some hype at least. We know more about Spider-Man 3 at this point and that comes...
  15. CarltonJunior

    Marvel Under Pressure To Retire Punisher Character and Logo

    Sorry if this has been already posted. :jbhmm: I think the character is cool but I wouldn't miss him. Him becoming the face of white supremacy and domestic terrorism isn't really something to sneeze at. I've enjoyed the shows and few comics here and there I've read of him but since he isn't of...
  16. Days of Future Piff

    Best selling comic series 1938-2020 (including manga)

    Posted a similar thread in the Film Room awhile back. Some thoughts: • Golgo 13 and Case Closed are bigger than people think :ohhh: • This new generation doesn’t want to hear it, but I’ve been saying it for the longest that X-men >>> Avengers (until Fox messed up the X-men in the movies). All...
  17. Supercoolmayo

    So Darkseid fans really gonna call thanos a simp after this?

  18. Days of Future Piff

    RIP Norm Spencer (the voice of Cyclops in X-men TAS)

    Cal Dodd shared the sad news on his twitter earlier: The cartoon may have done Cyclops dirty somewhat, but Scott still had his moments: Norm Spencer also voiced Cyclops in the 90s Capcom fighting games. I still picture Norm Spencer’s voice (and the rest of the 90s x-men cast) when I read the...
  19. loyola llothta

    Did Marvel Drop The Ball On Black Panther ?

    -The movie made billions ( still doing numbers )but he was barely in the last avenger movies. -Rumors of the actor getting replace by his sister. -Marvel making Captain Marvel the face of the 2020 MCU - the new Black Panther books seem more about side characters Seeing Sony going all out...
  20. Days of Future Piff

    Which comicbook series/franchise has the best video games?

    What is the Coli's GOAT comicbook based video game? :jbhmm: We all know the real answer... Sorry about the typo in the poll above :snoop: