1. Days of Future Piff

    What is the worst X-men movie?

    What was the worst X-men movie? Post-to-username correlation notwithstanding :hubie:
  2. Sensitive Christian Grey

    Gen Z are saying the Spiderverse movies clears the entire MCU

    Is this true?
  3. Easy-E


  4. The Prince of All Saiyans

    Marvel to finally start working on X-Men movie?

    Reportedly Jaden Smith has already expressed interest
  5. Warren Peace

    Black Panther banned from Harlem.

  6. CopiousX

    Miles morales is stupid. Does this bother anyone else?

    Yah i said it. Someone sue me. Miles morales is stupid.:unimpressed: Now hear me out. Me growing up as youngin, i admired the various superheroes because most of them were extraordinary in their normal lives, and that amazingness lead to them getting powers. For example, bruce banner...
  7. humminbird

    Do you feel that Wanda Maximoff got what she deserved after WandaVision and MOM? Should she come back Redeemed?

    Let's go through what Wanda did in Wandavision. She manipulated a whole town of people against their will and had them acting out her fantasies while they were cognizant the whole time. They told her that it was a form of torture for them. we learn that this is from trauma but that she kinda...
  8. BobbyDame


    Imgur: The magic of the Internet
  9. BlackJesus

    Casting don cheadle as war machine was always a mistake

    He’s just the furthest actor I would use for the role. He’s good in certain kinds of roles, he was great as Miles Davis, but he doesn’t make sense as war machine and I think they should have just paid Terrence Howard more money. He brought so much more to the role and filled it better. Cheadle...
  10. KRayner

    Let’s be real, if the Joker came to the marvel universe…they would’ve killed him

    Joker would get sent to jail after maybe 1 or 2 crimes but the second he breaks out of jail the marvel heroes are gonna hit him with the :ufdup: and merk him right there
  11. Jaguar93

    Fan campaign to cast KeKe Palmer as X-Men’s Rogue

    What y’all think
  12. The Wolf Among You

    Anyone Else Playing Marvel Snap?

    MARVEL SNAP Launches Globally on Mobile and PC If you’re into strategy card games like Hearthstone, Gwent, Magic the Gathering etc. I think you’ll like this. It’s simple and the games are quick, the card art is dope and it’s fun to upgrade them from standard to frame break to 3-D and so on...
  13. Jaguar93

    Kang The Conqueror is bulking up for the Avengers

  14. The Falcon

    The Falcon

  15. The Prince of All Saiyans

    Former Marvel VFX Tech said he was underpaid, malnourished, met no PAAG's, tired of being pixel-fx'd

    TLDR: read the tweet, the older flanders boy is todd, not rod
  16. Breh Obama

    Official MCU Phase 5 Thread

    We’re officially in a new era. Black Panther 2 Wakanda Forever will close out Phase 4 in a few months then we’re off into uncharted territory! Which one are you most excited for brehs?
  17. ViShawn

    Marvel Introduces Its First Gay Spider-Man as the Latest Spider-Verse Variant

    Marvel will introduce its first gay Spider-Man, a new character named Web-Weaver, in the upcoming Edge of Spider-Verse #5, which releases in Sept. So what does this mean? Do webs shoot out his bussy? :camby:
  18. humminbird

    Which Marvel Cinematic Universe Female Type makes the best Wife

    So now with 20+ films, we have some interesting female archetypes that are unique from one another. Please note we're talking about the personality of the character, not the actresses themselves. I'm buzzed just bear with me:mjgrin: Would you rather wife The Black Widow Type Secretive Past and...
  19. Days of Future Piff

    What ruined Marvel comics?

    I was reading an interview with Jim Shooter on the current state of Marvel comics, which got me thinking... Anyhow, Imma let y'all cook.