math hoffa

  1. thernbroom

    Daylyt just caught the fade from Dizaster

    :mjlol: Backstory on what caused Daylyt & Dizasters beef:
  2. ReasonableMatic

    Math Hoffa vs Dizaster| KOTD [BOLA5] (Official) (Poll inside)

    it's here, eat brehs :blessed:
  3. Brooklynzson

    Cell Phone Footage Of Math Hoffa Snuffing Serius Jones At SM3

  4. Brooklynzson

    Essential The Official Battle Rap Random Thoughts Thread (URL, KOTD, UW etc...)

    That Chi-Town card lookin cray Mainevent Big T vs. Charlie Clips Aye Verb vs. X Factor Young Miles vs Conceited Yung Ill vs. Cortez J.C. vs. Young Kannon John John Da Don vs. QP :noah: