matt ryan

  1. AVXL

    Death of The Brotherhood Vol. 1: All Pitts in the Peach State.The 2021 Atlanta Falcons Season Thread

    Bird Brehs it’s time to Rise Up :blessed: New coach Arthur Smith (who’s Dad owns FedEx :dwillhuh:) comes over from Tennessee and brings Dean Pees to run the defense which will move to a 3-4. Expectations are all over the place and buzz is low but we have one of the NFLs easiest schedules and...
  2. Julio Jones

    That's An Expensive Bag of Ice: Official 2018 Atlanta Falcons Offseason Thread

    @Motife43 @AVXL @Sly Cookin @staticshock @Stone @Point Blank @Nostalgic @AtlienInTheGoodieMob @The ADD @Warren Moon @1BadBamaFan @Rebel Soldier @Reality @Rickdogg44 Welp, I figured now would be a good time to get an offseason thread going to talk about the moves we've made and everything...
  3. JesusFOREVER

    The Book is shut on Matt Ryan

    Choker Couldn't beat the 9ers at home 28-3 Couldn't beat an Eagles team with Nick fukkin Foles And why the hell does he drop back 15 feet before every throw? :mindblown: Get "Matty Ice" the fukk outta here :camby:
  4. William F. Russell

    ATL Hoes Giving More Chokejobs in Foxboro: Patriots vs. Falcons SNF Game Thread (Super Bowl Rematch)

    Week 7 matchup between the reigning Super Bowl Champions New England Patriots and the Super Bowl runner ups Atlanta Falcons. This is the first time both teams will have faced each other since the Super Bowl where the Failcons blew a 28-3 lead in the 3rd quarter. Both teams will face off in...
  5. j.smooth4

    Joe Flacco > Matt Ryan

    This is just my opinion after watching these two avidly the last decade. Say what you want but I can say after their roughly ten years in the league Joe Flacco is the better quarterback all around. He's a winner and a playmaker and more importantly wins when it counts in the playoffs or...