michael jackson

  1. Playaz Eyez

    I have no recollection of this Michael Jackson ‘Moonwalker’ video game

    I actually had the Moonwalker VHS, but I do not remember this at all:dahell: you kill the enemies by either making them dance, or tossing your hat at him like Kung Lao:mjlol: and you’re saving white kids:laff::laff:
  2. TreySav

    Using Artificial Intelligence To See How Some Celebrities Would Look Today If They Were Alive

    Michael Jackson This is if he never had plastic surgery Jimi Hendrix John Lennon Bruce Lee Heath Ledger Freddie Mercury They got Freddie looking like Tom Selleck 2Pac Link: “As If Nothing...
  3. O Fenômeno

    Michael Jackson cover attempt.

    I played the guitar but added effects and did it midi for the notes I missed ..and Inused a processed Strat sounds (I used the Purple strat sound for the MPC LIVE brehs).
  4. O Fenômeno


    Need feedback:patrice: Was trying a new mic so I didn't put any uumph into the vocals. I think the song is Eb minor...:patrice: Took me almost a months to get all the bass notes...the rest I just got midi data and used my own sounds
  5. Hathaway

    Rate This Artist - Michael Jackson

    So I seen this shyt done on here before and thought it would be a cool idea to get it going again. If I can get this thread to pop off, I'll make this a series. It'll be good discussion for the real music heads and nice break away from the usual content in TLR. And no I don't wanna do this shyt...
  6. Dame Jackson Pause

    Dame Jackson Pause

  7. O Fenômeno

    "They say that Workin..is what a man suppose to DO"-Michael Jackson

    TIMESTAMPED THE way he delivered that line :wow: "They say that working is what a man suppose to do:ufdup: "
  8. Hathaway

    Young Michael Jackson is the GOAT child vocalist.

    Every so often, I'd scroll on Youtube and look at the old videos of the J5 performing and every time, I am amazed by young Mike's vocal ability. The only other child that amazed me like that was a 12 year old Jazmine Sullivan. But Mike was on some other shyt. Smokey Robinson the Gawd told the...
  9. O Fenômeno

    The Grammys showing MICHAEL JACKSON No love was TRASH

    BAD Like basically the whole damn album was a top of the chart SMASH. You know Michael was hurt...not 1 fukking Grammy after how he saved the music industry is trash. You know it was payback for buying the Beatles catalog. Grammys been trash ever since.
  10. Kool Ted

    Which Michael Jackson Album is the best to jam to?

    Im jammin to the "BAD" album as I type this and on dat Budweiser beer. R.I.P. Michael Jackson.....The Greatest.
  11. BlackJesus

    Michael Jackson on his African Dictator shyt

    Found this pic randomly Googlling Michael Jackson in Russia. Rest in power GOAT
  12. O Fenômeno

    Jackson 5 knock The Beatles out TOP 100..Mike buys their catalog next

    :wow: The Jackson 5 first 4 songs went to No.1 on the 100 chart. They knocked the Beatles out of first place....no.other motown legends couldn't do it. The J5 then in all their interviews have to lie and say they were influenced by the Beatles:mjlol: Mike then goes on to become a global...
  13. It is a mystery

    Michael Jackson is honestly underrated

    You dont realize how underrated he is until you go back and listen to some of his random shyt man. And this is even with him being a staple in most people's top 5. nikka is simply underrated Blood on the Dancefloor New tracks on HIStory CD 1 & 2 Scream album Blue Gangsta random, throwaway...
  14. Days of Future Piff

    What is the HARDEST Michael Jackson track?

    A lot of cats don't realize how much of a G Michael really was behind closed doors... HISTORY was probably the hardest overall album (Scream, They Don't Care About Us, This Time Around, D.S, Money, Tabloid Junkie, etc.) Why You Wanna Trip on Me is underrated though. Song hits way...
  15. O Fenômeno

    Used the bass line from 'OFF THE WALL'

    :mjgrin: Learned the bassline ...played it then just kept adding sounds from the new jack expansion for mpc.
  16. Ruck

    Jamie Foxx describes how big Michael Jackson was in 80s

    One of the best stories about The King and his greatness. :mj: Had grown ass men :dead: If i had choice to choose 10 million dollars or go see mike at his peak. Im going to see mike hands down :wow:
  17. Billie Jean

    You can only listen to one Mike Jack album your whole life

    Which one u choosing?
  18. Dog Based Gremlin

    [1/28/22] Lifetime presents...JANET JACKSON (2 Night Documentary)

    Lifetime been running these January Skreets for the last few years :wow: Previous trailers for other Lifetime special premieres
  19. O Fenômeno


    THE album cover and album artwork seems to.have faded away into history What are some of your favorite album artwork images? I'll start. MICHAEL JACKSON- DANGEROUS. Alot of secret messages in the photo..a documentary on the album went over some of what they think they are... (For...
  20. O Fenômeno

    Lowkey BABY BE MINE is the best track on THRILLER

    Thriller is a pop album but besides the paul mccacney jawn and the Beat It with Eddie Van Halen..the album had a black sound. The moog bass(though it could be a jupiter 8) sound is smooth and heavy..shyt rides. shyt you have a analog synth bass and you have to try on purpose to make it not...