1. RhodyRum

    The GOAT & the Fish (aka :marlinpls:)

  2. 7th Letter Specialist

    MJ finally did it brehs :mjcry:

    :dame: WARNING :dame: Look at his jeans! Gotdamnit I said look at his jeans! :damn: He finally made the transition That's My GOAT! :mjcry: :salute:
  3. DrexlersFade

    MJ is the GOAT and this tweet just proves it : mindblown:

    MJ "retired" 20 years ago and he's treated like he's still playing :mjgrin: What's the Coli thoughts on this post?
  4. Blackfyre

    Michael: The Michael Jackson Biopic from Antoine Fuqua, Starring Jaafar Jackson | April 18, 2025

    UPDATE: Michael Jackson Nephew Jaafar Jackson To Play King Of Pop In Antoine Fuqua-Directed Biopic
  5. nah


    say word
  6. Spiritual Stratocaster

    "They say that Workin..is what a man suppose to DO"-Michael Jackson

    TIMESTAMPED THE way he delivered that line :wow: "They say that working is what a man suppose to do:ufdup: "
  7. Ahadi

    Michael Jordan Shut Down Idris Elba's Request To Play Him Biopic; Once again, “No N….”

    Elba told the NBA icon that he wants that starring role and later explained why it was important to him. Could we receive a Michael Jordan-approved biopic one day? Most likely...and when it goes down, Idris Elba wants that starring role as the basketball legend. Biopics were already all the...
  8. Knuckles Red

    Wait…so Michael Jackson is Still Alive?

    <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <body> <iframe height="480" width="500" src=""> </iframe> </body> </html> Here, in this interview, you can see an individual (who sounds suspiciously like MJ) talking about MJ after his supposed death. Answering all the questions that MJ always wanted to answer. So, MJ...
  9. It is a mystery

    Michael Jackson is honestly underrated

    You dont realize how underrated he is until you go back and listen to some of his random shyt man. And this is even with him being a staple in most people's top 5. nikka is simply underrated Blood on the Dancefloor New tracks on HIStory CD 1 & 2 Scream album Blue Gangsta random, throwaway...
  10. valet

    Al Harrington talks about MJ calling him a h*e

    This is from podcast by a Detroit comedian, J. Will (if you haven't seen "The Mule" on Prime, watch it. He's funny on there) Full episode
  11. Sauce Dab

    Uh Oh it’s that time again. New MJ face just dropped

    like a combination of :mjlit:and :steviej: MJ bout to clean up at the Daytona 500 with all the middle age white women there
  12. Ahadi

    MJ livin his best life …. *coli smile* No ni..”

  13. Rhapture

    Was she just standing there the whole time?

    Why she ain't run while they was busy with their routine? And then when she did decide to run she picked the most hauntedest looking house she could hide in. Wtf was wrong with her?
  14. mjehh


    Shout outs to @Gator Reloaded
  15. DrexlersFade

    Polo G's Michael Jackson-Sampling 'Smooth Criminal' Gets Flamed After Rolling Loud Debut

    Polo G is having one of the best runs in Hip Hop these days. The Chicago native earned his first pair of No. 1’s on the Billboard 200 and Hot 100 charts with his album Hall of Fame and its third official single, “Rapstar.” Despite seeing a rise in his popularity, Polo G isn’t immune to the...
  16. Mj t

    Mj t

  17. JadeB

    MJ singing with a low voice>>>>>>

    Don't this sound immaculate:banderas: :mj:
  18. Chris Cool

    Spin: you bagged a date with your dream girl but you must wear a Michael Jordan iconic set up

    :mjlit: What fits y'all going with? Going with the all blue sweat suit.