1. J

    Washington DC gave $10,800 to dozens of new moms. It was life-changing money

  2. KRayner

    The CEO/Owner of Onlyfans is easily the greatest PIMP of all time !!

    cleared over 300 million in 2022 :wow: :whoo::steviej:
  3. Fill Collins

    How to: Save a little money at the barbershop

    Everyone knows barbers offer you everything to make your $20 + tip :dame: a little bigger All you have to do is lie and say you have a white girlfriend, I don't even like white women :wow: :wow: I cut my own hair/have no hairline now/again, but I used to try different barbers after fukking...
  4. NoirDynosaur

    Finessing Chat GPT to make money

    Looking for passive income? Want to utilize Chat GPT or any AI as a side hustle but don’t know how? How can the black community use Chat GPT as an economic tool? Practical solutions? Did some YouTube searches and this is what I came with. Note: These positions below are the most notable...
  5. White City Black

    Man blesses strangers with money…at the expense of his own family

    This man gave away $200,000 to random folks on a freeway. Guess where he got it? :mjlol:
  6. Henny and_ HotWings

    IT/cyber security/coding brehs….. I need serious help…. PLEASE

    I am interested in hopping into IT…. Cyber security to be specific since it seems to pay more…. But I am SO LOST on what route to go….. I know I’m not interested in hardware like that. There are soooo many ways to get in….. should I get certs? A degree? If I should get certs, which ones...
  7. Playaz Eyez

    Tubi continuing to drop classics

  8. AceDeuceTrey

    6 Figures 6 Certs PSA…This New NYC Pay Transparency Law Might Change Your Life

    As of November 1st, all job postings that can or will be performed in NYC must disclose a salary pay range. If you don’t live in NYC, you might be like, “So what nikka? Where the PAWGS at?” But this shyt right here is a cheat code for everybody, especially those that live in other high cost...
  9. Mjpls Pyramid

    Mjpls Pyramid

  10. TreySav

    List: The World’s Most Expensive Divorces

    9. Craig and Wendy McCaw Cellular and Clearwire Corp founder, Craig McCaw, separated with Wendy McCaw in 1998. Only a few short years before their divorce, Craig sold his company to AT&T for somewhere in the region of $11 – $12 billion. So, Wendy managed to walk away from their 21-year...
  11. M

    Making money in a drought

    You might have seen in the AMC post where I mentioned we will be heading into a bear market (recessions). How many are prepared for this and what are your tactics ? I-bonds are going for 9.62% through October 2022. That return is insane for a safe asset. Tbills are giving out good rates...
  12. Sex Luthor

    I have a question for you... Would you take 1 billion dollars or dinner with...

    Jesus Christ himself for 1 hour or nothing at all? Let's say Jesus is in fact real and he came to you and offered you a choice of money or dinner with him. He will answer almost any questions you have. (No ways to get money or ill-gotten gains) If Jesus is actually real putting that much...
  13. Hathaway

    Just a Thought on Pastors in the Black Community - From Personal Experiences

    I'm not trying to start up a religious debate or anything of the sort. I just wanted to get this off of my chest and it being Sunday, I found right now the perfect time. As I've mentioned here before, I am an unbeliever. I don't prefer to use the word atheist for personal reasons. The details of...
  14. R

    Any brehs ever changed fields?

    Like you were making good money in a field but hated it and found something else?
  15. J

    Would you rather make $500k with a spouse and children who hates you or make $100k single with no friends and as a total incel?

    I'm mean no game or charisma whatsoever and you're unable to make lasting relationships both romantically and platonically.
  16. B

    Let’s settle this women just love and want a man with muscles shyt and other things not true

    Back single and been fukkin around in the dating pool mostly online(BLK,Hinge,etc) and majority of women DO NOT CARE about muscles :mjlol: now that’s not to say a woman won’t be attracted to a guy with a nice muscular physique,as it may be a fantasy of hers or whatever,but most women I’ve come...
  17. Leao2005

    If you are BROKE, it's your fault! Do y'all agree?

    I low-key agree with this sentiment. I know many people that its not their fault for where there at, but ik just as many who set themselves up for failure.
  18. Afro

    Nice raise. Too bad about inflation.

    Nice raise. Too bad about inflation.
  19. SheWantTheD

    Onlyfans really shows you that these celebrities

    Don’t really have it like that financially. Content creators as well, hopping on onlyfans. Makes you wonder how all these celebrities that aren’t actors or entertainers with consistent jobs are making money. Only reason I brought it up is because I was looking at Hoopz’s IG page and she...