n word

  1. valet

    "So Im a ngga now?" White teacher

    Long story short. A kid came into a class to get a charger for his phone from his friend. He was skipping so the white teacher asked him to leave. The kid got smart with him and responded "Whatever ngga". So the white teacher responded "So Im a ngga now?" Of course the kids were in shocked...
  2. Ayo

    Cac Yelling Racial Slurs at Protest Gets Knocked Out

    Updated Source I know, it's Russia's propaganda network. And they want cacs to see this to divide us. BUT now that it's news Twitter can't/won't take it down. Turns out things are a lot different when you're being racist on the internet or around your boys :russ:
  3. you're NOT "n!ggas"

    In 15-20 years, white folks are gonna be saying "c00n"

    and defending it cuz they have a black friend :hubie: I've stated this before: Y'all are gonna make that shyt alot "cooler" than you intended. Just like the "nikka" :sas2:
  4. you're NOT "n!ggas"

    What's your personal experience/How often have you been called...

    Akata N*gg*r N*gga Are there any you embrace? Why? Are there any you resent? Why? Let's talk about it foreal... This shyt needs to be unpacked for once :jbhmm:
  5. Rhapture

    Wendy Williams facing backlash for saying Ni**er

    :mjpls: how you doin?
  6. you're NOT "n!ggas"

    What's the opposite of a n---er?

    Likewise, what's the opposite of a n---a? :jbhmm: It's not a debate, I'm genuinely interested in hearing the answers :hubie:
  7. skeetsinternal

    Tekashi is prime example what I been telling y'all about Latinos

    Now before y'all comment that I'm shytting on Latinos again know that I'm coming from a good place with this and I'm not stating opinions but been stating real facts about Latinos. I got love for Latinos, mostly the women. My coli Latinos no malice or offense but y'all own this. NY hold this L...
  8. Dan_Staxx

    These Cac Kids Need To Get The F*** Out Of Hip Hop

    Sorry, if the title offends, but it's true fam. Hip Hop is getting way too mainstream, and non blacks are getting way too comfortable. Just a disclaimer, not all white kids, and not just white kids. But they know who Im talking about. Any race that isn't black and doesn't respect the culture...
  9. SirReginald

    I Blame BLACK People For Letting Hispanics/Other POC Use The Word "Nikka"

    UNPOPULAR OPINION, BUT IT'S "MY" VIEW. tired of making B.S. threads because I fear backlash. I'm going to cut to the chase, I blame my people (AA's) for thinking that sh-t was cute Back in 1985, NWA came out and said that they were taking back power of the word. Listen, you can't take...
  10. SheWantTheD

    Breh I Work With Who's In The Army Says White Guys Call Him The N-Word

    Since the majority of people in the army are white males, he told me that these dudes get over confident and cocky. They use the word nikka and claim not to be racist because they didn't use it with an "ER" at the end. He said a lot of brothers join the army because they are in bad situations...
  11. Idaeo

    Oprah Tried To Stop Paul McCartney From Doing 'All Day' Because...

    ...''all day nikka" Paul McCartney: Oprah Said I Shouldn't Do 'All Day' With Kanye West Over N-Word Use “All Day” didn’t make it onto The Life of Pablo -- or any other album for that matter -- but it’s still one of the biggest bangers Kanye West has given us in recent years.Paul McCartney was...