1. FAH1223

    Jalen Brunson signs $156M extension with Knicks; Gives up chance at 5-year $269M contract in 2025

    Jalen Brunson is giving up $100M over 4 years to keep the Knicks competitive and not in luxury tax hell. However, WOJ names his agent here. Who just happens to be the son of the NYK's president. Who also is Brunson's godfather. Who also used to head CAA basketball. :laff: Congrats Knicks fans
  2. Lucky Millionaire

    The Golden State Warriors have agreed to a deal acquiring Buddy Hield via sign-and-trade from the 76ers

  3. FAH1223

    What’s with this Kyle Filipowski grooming situation?

    His girl is 28. Started dating him when he started HS?
  4. FAH1223

    Disney (ABC/ESPN) has put an $18M per year contract renewal offer to Stephen A. Smith

  5. FAH1223

    Fanatics is dangerous

  6. FAH1223

    Pacers and Pascal Siakam agree on 4-year, $189.5M contract

  7. FAH1223

    JJ Red!ck becomes next HC of the LA Lakers

  8. FAH1223

    20th Anniversary of the 2004 Pistons Championship

    Pistons uploaded Game 5 in HD Al Michaels and Doc Rivers on the call :mjlol: Stuart Scott and Michelle Tafoya on sideline The theme for the NBA on ABC Sports
  9. FAH1223

    Another year, another former Washington Wizard wins an NBA championship

    8 straight seasons now
  10. FAH1223

    Ebony & Ivory with Burning Sage vs. Lucky Charms & Unicorns Colliding on Flat Earth | Official Mavericks (#5) vs. Celtics (#1) 2024 NBA Finals Thread

    DISCLAIMER: This thread is being made with both teams up 3-0 in the conference finals. NO TEAM HAS COME BACK FROM A 3-0 DEFICIT IN NBA HISTORY!! The NBA Finals matchup is set, and despite a somewhat lackluster conference finals, both the Eastern and Western conference champions are well-rested...
  11. Snake316

    Is Allen Iverson The Most Popular, Influential Player To Never Win A Title In Sports History?

    Over the past four years I've been noticing a lot of people have been giving Iverson his flowers. Which is nice to see since a lot of young Generation Z brehs be slandering Iverson and his contributions to the game. I swear back in the day Iverson was like the damn President in my elementary...
  12. FAH1223

    More than nostalgia: How NBC thrived and how ESPN failed with the NBA!

  13. FAH1223

    Manifest Destiny: Claiming the West Starts with Taming the Wolves! Official Mavs (#5) vs. Timberwolves (#3) WCF Thread

    The Western Conference Finals are set to be a thrilling showdown between the Dallas Mavericks and the Minnesota Timberwolves. The Mavericks, coming off an impressive victory over MVP runner-up Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and the Oklahoma City Thunder, have their sights set on advancing to the NBA...
  14. Tunechi

    Lil Wayne doesn't like Nikola Jokic + shouts out Rudy Gobert after the Timberwolves vs. Nuggets game

    Lil Wayne doesn't like Nikola Jokic + shouts out Rudy Gobert after the Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Denver Nuggets NBA game! 🏀
  15. FAH1223

    Stephen Jackson calls Stephen A. Smith a snitch for calling NBA office on Russell Westbrook not being suspended

  16. Primetime

    Which Old Ni— Aging NBA HOF got packed up worse by the coli these playoffs?

    Currently the clipset’s “big 4” is on the summer jam screen. :huhldup: The night before that, it was Dame’s time (don’t ask me how). :hubie: Every night this past week a new or bumped diss thread for KD, Lebron, Embiid, etc. :picard: Yall didn’t even let GSW and the play-in tournament L slide...
  17. FAH1223

    Who Needs a Pace(r) Maker, When You Have Two Harts?: Official Pacers (#6) vs. Knicks (#2) East Semifinals Thread

    For the first time since 2013 amidst their memorable battles in the 1990s, the New York Knicks and Indiana Pacers are set to CLASH in these 2024 NBA Playoffs. The Pacers defied the odds by advancing past the higher-seeded Milwaukee Bucks, who were without their superstar and former league MVP...
  18. FAH1223

    Nothing to Avenge Here! It’s Ant Man vs. Joker & The Suicide Squad: Official Timberwolves (#3) vs. Nuggets (#2) West Semifinals Thread

    The REIGNING NBA Champions and the Minnesota Timberwolves square off again in the postseason! Both squads dispatched their first round opponents rather quickly. Talking heads were even implying that the Lakers and Suns would both advance. The delusional nature of cable sports shows knows no...
  19. FAH1223

    Who has the BLEAKER future to 2030? Clippers or Suns?

    We know the draft pick situations. Clippers are still paying for the PG13 trade from 2019. SGA has blossomed into an MVP caliber player. The Clippers owe OKC picks through 2026 either outright or pick swaps. Clippers sent the 76ers their 2028 1st rounder in the Harden trade. The Sixers also...
  20. C

    Has there ever been players as successful this early as Jokic and Doncic be so culturally insignificant?

    Jokic is about to win 3 mvps and Doncic is about to have 5 first team NBA seasons in 6 years and if you ask the average person on the street they will look at you like this :patrice: