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    Ain’t see a thread so this is it. Get ya popcone ready!!!! USC vs. Nevada - 6:30 PM EST./3:30 PM PST. It’s on FUBO but I got more links than Nathan’s! LETS GO TROJANS FTFO! @Silkk @Trojan 24 @ the others I can’t think of they names.
  2. Rell Lauren

    EA Sports announces the return of NCAA Football

  3. Ruck

    Kirk Ferentz on some... Lawsuit for racial discrimination from former players

    Eight former University of Iowa football players seek $20 million, Kirk Ferentz's firing over racial discrimination :mjpls:
  4. Jimi Swagger

    Why the NCAA will eventually be forced to pay some student athletes

    The chart below shows us how much college football players might be worth at the top programs if they were able to play in a free market system and receive compensation in a manner similar to that of the NFL. We calculated the Fair Market Value of college football players at the 20 most...
  5. M

    Why are Igbo Nigerians so good at football?

    :ohhh: Go through all 32 NFL teams and I guarantee there's at least 3 Nigerian players on the team. Most of them, if not all, will be Igbo, although there's a minority of Yoruba players. Even at the NCAA level there's a shytload of Igbo players. There's a lot of Igbo NBA players as well, but...
  6. shhh-kull & bones

    Players are finally getting paid for old 'NCAA Football' games. Now please make new ones.

    :ohhh: Players are finally getting paid for old 'NCAA Football' games. Now please make new ones. By Alex Kirshner  @alex_kirshner on Apr 11, 2016, 2:02p The reason EA Sports stopped making its NCAA Football video game series after 2013 is pretty simple. It became a big legal problem for...
  7. Schmoove

    Biggest lies from your favorite sports organizations

    Alabama football: "Eddie Jackson is doing a good job for us..." :beli: Titans: "Kerry Collins gives us our best chance to win." Braves: "These transactions are good for our future."
  8. CACtain Planet

    Where's Mariota's white board with Marriucci?

    So we saw how Jameis smashed his white board interview with Marriucci but where's Mariotas? :patrice: Seems like the media protecting this dude smh
  9. CACtain Planet

    Bethune Cookman Coach had football Team Practice at 1 AM; Players revolt

    @Wacky D Serious allegations leveled against Alabama State football coach Brian Jenkins turned the Bethune-Cookman University football program into a winner, but off the field former players and coaches say the program was rife with rules violations and teetering on the edge of dysfunction...