1. J

    Atlanta brehs: should Atlanta have their own neighborhood signs?

    Inspired by this thread What about palm trees?:patrice:
  2. DrBanneker

    Real Everyday Solutions: Crime & Safety

    @Barnett114 @Rarely-Wrong Liggins this is the companion thread to the Economics thread. We can sticky for a week or two and see where it goes. Welcome to the real everyday solutions thread for Crime & Safety. This is for discussion of specific, everyday solutions that we as a people can take to...
  3. Homey the clown

    Just because you grow up in a white neighborhood doesn't always mean your going to marry a Cac

    For example I have a set of cousin's who grew up in a suburb that is predominantly Cac and went to mostly CAC schools and both girls ended marrying black men.One of these cousins played for the Phoenix Mercury for three seasons and is now playing overseas. I have a sister in law who is...
  4. DPresidential

    NYC brehs - Advice on Potential Location Scouting for Home Ownership

    I need some input - especially about black neighborhoods in Long Island & Queens - and although knowing how much fukkery fills the Coli, I still value this community for crowd sourcing. :obama: I need good NYC neighborhood, preferably predominantly Black or at least have the black population...