1. ORDER_66

    Bloodhounds...Action-Adventure Kung-Fu Korean Boxing crime flick :fire: Netflix June 9th!!!

    :myman: :wow::blessed: Please watch and enjoy cause this shyt looks fire...
  2. ORDER_66

    My dad the bounty hunter...Netflix...#blackexcellence... stream it now...

    when i say we need POSITIVE black shows THIS is the shyt i was talking about!!!:wow: shyt was fire hope they get a season 2!!! :banderas:
  3. Optimus Prime

    We Have A Ghost | Netflix | February 2023 | Anthony Mackie, David Harbour, Jennifer Coolidge

    :ehh: Mackie and David Harbour keep those Netflix checks coming in
  4. BlackJesus

    New Kenya Barris Movie on Black Love

  5. ORDER_66

    Kaleidoscope...Netflix Exclusive...Giancarlo Espositio... Heist Series!!!! / Thread

    I am in!!! :pachaha: :blessed:
  6. FluffyEyes

    Black Dad Representation??: Netflix to release My Dad, The Bounty Hunter featuring Laz Alonso

    This looks fun and I'm always down for Laz Alonso content:mjlit:
  7. pickles

    The Watcher Netflix Ryan Murphy Oct. 13 Naomi Watts Bobby Cannavale

    I am not going to tell you what the story is about. It is based on a true story that happened in NJ. Just fukken watch it. No I am not posting the trailer. Basically it is true crime. @Ciggavelli @MidniteJay check it out.
  8. Uncle Baby Billy

    The Motive (Netflix Israeli Docu-series)

    Has anyone seen this? shyt is :picard::hhh::huhldup: It's about a 14 year old kid in the 80's that killed his parents & 2 sisters with a rifle, then acted really calm and cool about, admitted everything and made up a nonsensical story about some green demon telling him to murder them. Dude...
  9. Lootpack

    ‘Black Mirror’ Season 6 Thread | Netflix | Premieres June 15th

  10. humminbird

    Blonde - Netflix Marilyn Monroe Biopic starring Ana de Armas Rated NC-17

    I don’t think people realize what’s about to happen here.
  11. pickles

    Netflix Bad Vegan

    Anyone watching this?? I am like djfdsfj;sdjfsajfsdj;fjasfjsdfjsdjfsdjfsjfjs at this. Yes it is like the Tinder Swindler but the lady involved here is "smart" and this shyt is way crazier. Way crazier, like making a dog immortal crazy. :mjlol:
  12. JadeB

    Ana de Armas couldn't speak English when she did War Dogs and Knock Knock

  13. TallMan_J

    “Baki” has got to be the BEST Anime I’ve ever watched in my life.

    Great plot. Excellent animation. Somewhat realistic. Strong Black masculine male lead characters. Sports/martial arts history. Mortal Combat Fatality type gore. :ohlawd: I enjoy Anime on occasion and I’m not even a huge fanatic of Anime like that. Out of boredom and curiousity, I tuned into...
  14. Ziggiy

    Dave Chappelle To Produce Four New Stand Up Specials For Netflix

    Long Live The King:wow: Netflix Announces Four New Dave Chappelle Comedy Specials The controversial comic will host and produce four comedy specials focusing on other veteran comedians. James Hibberd FEBRUARY 18, 2022 12:57PM PST Dave Chappelle is still very much on Netflix’s home team...
  15. pickles

    Netflix Tinder Swindler (2022)

    Do I even need to explain what this movie is about? Do I need to even put a trailer here? I am half way through this thing and I am like fjdfjdfjksdjfdjflsajfsajdfjsdfjslfjasfjsajfasj I can't believe this shyt still occurs even though internet exists and you can search just about everyone...
  16. Drew Wonder

    Tick...Tick, Boom is a great movie

    Finally saw this. I'm normally not a big fan of musicals but I thought the way they did the music in this made sense within the context of the story and didn't take me out of it. But more than that, I related a lot to the main character. I recently got into screenwriting and just the...
  17. loyola llothta

    Daredevil’ Cracks Nielsen Top 10 Rankings 3 Years After Cancellation Following ….. Cameo &

    Daredevil’ Cracks Nielsen Top 10 Rankings 3 Years After Cancellation Following ‘Spider-Man’ Cameo & ‘Hawkeye’ Kingpin Reveal January 20, 2022 4:51pm link:
  18. Mufasa Ahadi

    Netflix movie about a guy who finesses women on Tinder

  19. BaileyPark31

    Have U Seen "The Platform" On Netflix??

    Can Y'all explain the ending? I'm annoyed I watched the whole thing and was confused about the conclusion.
  20. Mufasa Ahadi

    SUPER CROOKS - NETFLIX - Discussion Thread

    Pretty dope so far. I thought it would actually be a mash up between Invincible meets Great Pretender (minus the colorful imagery)