1. I

    Former Chicago Drug Dealer Turned President of Nigeria, Bola Tinubu, May Have Forged His Degree From Chicago State University

    Chicago State University caught in dispute over Nigeria's presidential election Chicago State University finds itself at the center of a political dispute involving the newly elected president of Nigeria, Bola Tinubu. Tinubu's political rival, Atiku Abubakar, claims that documents showing that...
  2. Nkrumah Was Right

    If Dragon Ball Z was Nigerian

  3. JadeB

    College dropout builds the first electric cars in Nigeria

    :salute:to the breh
  4. Nkrumah Was Right

    The Nigerian Military Forced 10,000 Abortions in Boko Haram Ravaged Area

    Nigeria military ran secret mass abortion program in war on Boko Haram Excerpts:
  5. Spiritual Stratocaster

    3 people SURVIVE 11 DAY VOYAGE ..Snuck onto Ships RUDDER..Stowaways

    :ohhh: Is Nigeria that damn terrible? Three people found sitting on ship's rudder survived an 11-day voyage from Nigeria | CNN The Spanish coast guard has rescued three people who were stowed on top of the rudder of a ship that arrived in the Canary Islands from Nigeria. In a photograph...
  6. R

    Nigeria slanging donkey penises to Hong Kong Nigeria seizes donkey penises to be smuggled to Hong Kong Nigerian officials say they have seized thousands of donkey penises that were about to be exported to Hong Kong ABUJA, Nigeria --...
  7. BobbyWojak

    This October Nigeria Becomes First Country to Ban Foreign Models in TV Ads

    Nigeria becomes first country to ban foreign models in TV ads In an attempt to develop local talent, Nigeria's advertising regulator has decided to completely ban foreign models and voiceover artists. The measure will take effect from October. It is expected to boost the prospects of locals in...
  8. Gunz&Butta

    Lose your job for being demonic, breh.

    So this a$$hole cop was beating a man with a machete because he claims he was blocking the road.:picard:
  9. JadeB

    You get $5 million if you willing to live this lifestyle for 4 years

    You can only use your cell phone for emergencies, your family can only join you if every member is willing to live the same lifestyle as you, you only get basic amneties. And you must only eat the local food. Are you down?
  10. 987654321

    Old video but how dope is this?

    Kafayat Sanni
  11. JadeB

    Meet one of the biggest c00ns in history

    Efunroye Tinubu (c. 1810 – 1887), born Ẹfúnpọ̀róyè Ọ̀ṣuntinúbú,[1] was a powerful Yoruba female aristocrat, merchant, and slave trader in pre-colonial and colonial Nigeria She sold slaves to Brazilian and European merchants in violation of a 1852 treaty with Great Britain outlawing the slave...
  12. JadeB

    America lost foodwise

    Two weeks in Nigeria and damn near everything here is pure and organic. I ate coconuts, mangoes, papayas, chilli peppers, tangerines, free range chickens, goats, beef, rice, cassava etc. :wow: while y'all motherfukkers eating GMOed McDonald's everyday getting colestorol :wow:
  13. JadeB

    Went to a supermarket in Nigeria and saw rows of bleaching cream...

    My sister, brother, uncle and I went to a supermarket in Downtown Port Harcourt to buy some rice. My sister went out out to the beauty and health section to find some hair gel and ties for her braids and couldn't find any. Instead there was four rows of bleaching cream bottles, all with pictures...
  14. JadeB

    I'm in Nigeria right now. Ask me anything!

    In Nigeria for two weeks to visit my maternal grandmother for the first time. Just landed in Lagos a few hours earlier and I'm residing in a secluded hotel before I head out for Port Harcourt in the early morning.
  15. Luken

    Africans are the hardest working nikkas in the diaspora

    These nikkas specifically,Nigerians, be having like 2 degrees and working two menial jobs until they get their dream job or appropiate career while studying something completely complex like CCNA on their lunch break:gucci: Blows my mind.
  16. JadeB

    Breh laughing at his soon to be executioners, Lagos, 1971

  17. JadeB

    Igbo influence in Black American culture

    Food (Nri) For black folks at the cookout, One-pot’ cooking practices, extra helpings of collard greens, a healthy incorporation of pepper, spices, and even “hot sauce” are not just random preferences. Traditional soul food cooking is an inheritance which enslaved Africans passed on through...
  18. JadeB

    Rich Nigerian Twitter giving out tips on how to bring servants to America

    Read the comments below :smh:
  19. JadeB

    Why y'all nikkas snitching on my ass???

    :mjlol::mjlol::mjlol::mjlol::mjlol::mjlol::mjlol::mjlol::mjlol::mjlol: (Bottom video)