1. Homey the clown

    Currently in the hospital waiting for surgery for a gallstone

    Starting last Thursday I had been having some pain in my stomach area and was taking Ibuprofen for the pain. Well this past Thursday the pain got so bad, Ieft work early and went home. Well it was hard to sleep because when I lay down that's when it hurts the most. So I got up yesterday...
  2. Kairi Irving

    Women that work in Hospitals....

    Are :noah: Went for the first time in a eon to the Hospital.... So much ass Whoever said that the Hospital is full of baddies on here was 1000% right :damn: I'm here for a Sinus Infection buy they got me hard as fukk :whoa: Headache, Clogged Nose and being hard doesn't go well together brehs
  3. SirReginald

    Meteorologist Fired After Remarks About Nurses On Twitter

    Meteorologist Jeff Matthews, who joined KOAA-TV in 2017, is no longer employed by the station. His departure was confirmed Monday by station marketing director David Reeve. Although KOAA provided no additional information, Matthewsmove comes after a Twitter controversy that erupted on April 20...
  4. King Static X

    16 nurses at Arizona hospital pregnant at the SAME TIME!

    Congrats to the father!:jawalrus: He must have been one busy doctor!:ehh: