1. FAH1223

    Winner Goes Mile High | OKC @ Minnesota Timberwolves Play-In Game for 8th (ESPN)

    The Play-IN Tourney continues as the battle for 8th in the West has its matchup set. OKC won a thriller in New Orleans to advance. Led by their dynamic backcourt of SGA and Giddey, the young OKC squad was able to get some timely stops and boards to hold off the Pels. The Timberwolves blew a...
  2. G

    Oklahoma man charged for knowingly spreading HIV to partners

    https://news.yahoo.com/oklahoma-man-charged-knowingly-spreading-105407097.html Ernest Lacour was recently arrested and charged after spreading HIV to at least three of his sexual partners. According to local Oklahoma City, Oklahoma news station Fox 25, he received three counts of knowingly...
  3. B

    So Kobe told Russ not to defer to KD

    :mjlol: Now we know why he was playing like that :russ: Kobe fukked they whole shyt up Kobe Bryant told Russell Westbrook not to defer to Kevin Durant Young Sabotage:youngsabo: :childplease:
  4. Anerdyblackguy

    OKC won that trade vs the Clippers. SGA goes for 20,20,10

    :francis: Shai is a future All-Star :francis: Cp3 is rejuvenated :francis: PG-13 isn’t the missing piece for L.A :francis: And OKC received at least 2000 draft picks.
  5. FAH1223

    OKC's Sam Presti and Billy Donovan getting death threats after Westbrook and George trades

  6. R

    These boys had it all. Should have been a dynasty

    Plus Derek Fisher and Kendrick Perkins
  7. Clay Puppington

    Who was the favorite in the 2012 NBA Finals?

    A discussion I saw on another board It was split pretty closely OKC or Miami?
  8. BornStar

    Is OKCs Owner the Worst in NBA history.

    At first glance you'll say no it the Knicks or the Nets. However in regards to the pieces you had to what you've achieved is okc the worst decision makers in basketball. Ive never seen a team have 3 MVPs and let go of 2. Kevin Durant - MVP James Harden - MVP(2 time pending) Russell Westbrook...
  9. DillaTUDE

    OKC Thunder's Defensive Highlights Against James Harden (42 PTS on 11-28 FG) | February 9th, 2019

    42 PTS on 11-28 FG (39.3%) and 5 TOV
  10. K

    OKC Thunder to stretch or buyout Melo

    :mjgrin:Damn homie... In High School, you was the man, homie. :philjacksonlol: @Mr. Jack Napier :philjacksonlol::philjacksonlol::philjacksonlol:
  11. M

    LOL @ KDs reaction when ppl mention the 2016 WCF(video)

    I don't understand why dude seems so uncomfortable with his decision still. He got his ring
  12. G.O.A.T Squad Spokesman

    Sittin' Sidewayz Dem Boys In The Bay: Official Warriors vs. Rockets Western Conference Finals Thread

    Shout out to @CarltonJunior for the title suggestion.
  13. OKC Walking L

    OKC Walking L

  14. OKC JBWow

    OKC JBWow

  15. OKC Whew

    OKC Whew

  16. OKC Thunder Mjlol

    OKC Thunder Mjlol

  17. Okc Cam

    Okc Cam

  18. OKC Dahell

    OKC Dahell

  19. Kinguno


    The 6-2 Boston Celtics face off against the 4-3 Oklahoma City Thunder in an exciting early season match up also staring Melo da Gawd MELO DA GAWD by Kinguno posted Jun 22, 2017 at 6:51 PM MELO WITH A YOUNG FAN by Kinguno posted Jun 22, 2017 at 6:51 PM With a small role by Paul George the man...