1. B

    Houston woman charged after allegedly isolating Covid-positive son in car trunk

    Houston woman charged after allegedly isolating Covid-positive son in car trunk Authorities say 13-year-old son of Sarah Beam, a teacher, was found in her car’s trunk at a testing site in the Texas city Court documents said: ‘[The mother] stated that she put [her son] inside the trunk to...
  2. Luken

    I wanna watch No Way Home

    but we're basically on lockdown again over here and movie theaters arent allowed to serve food/beverages and you have to keep your mask on:beli: im not tryin watch Spider-man with no food. i'd pay $50 to watch it at home in comfort:beli: @TradePascalSiakam
  3. B

    17-year-old dies of COVID after being sent home from hospital twice, Georgia mom says BY KARINA MAZHUKHINA UPDATED AUGUST 06, 2021 05:52 PM A teenage Georgia high school football player was turned away twice from Douglas Wellstar Medical Center days before dying after testing positive for the coronavirus...
  4. pickles

    What did the pandemic teach you about yourself? the world? in general?

    Americans are stupid as fukk. Science needs to be taught well in schools. The government really aint shyt. America is racist as fukk starting at the highest levels of society and will always be that way. Family is important and sometimes the only thing you have. People are selfish. Life is...
  5. TheEmpress


    BRUSE WANE LIVE EP 43: BLACK ROB, DMX, PANDEMIC,TYSON, MAYWEATHER, ... Bruse Wane Live Episode 43: [TOPICS] Rest In Peace Black Rob, Shock G, DMX, Returning to Normal From Covid Pandemic ?, What Killed Tiny Lester ?, George Floyd Case Sentencing Update, Mayweather Logan Paul, Mike Tyson, Lennox...
  6. 2 Up 2 Down

    Hell on Earth: Inside the epicenter of Brazil's mutant covid strain

  7. Black Panther

    F*ck COVID-19, Coronavirus "Truth"-ers, and All Anti-Vaxxers!!!! (HellRell804 Banned)

    My sister has been on life support for over a month, due to being pregnant and catching COVID. My new nephew got delivered a month early (he's good and healthy), but my sister has been progressively getting worse. She developed pneumonia and is on a ventilator, and an ECMO machine that oxidizes...
  8. Software

    California Unemployment Fraud 4x worse than initially reported

    CALIFORNIA UNEMPLOYMENT FRAUD 4 TIMES WORSE THAN FIRST REPORTED; $8 BILLION PAID TO CRIMINALS SAN FRANCISCO -- The amount of unemployment funds stolen from California taxpayers in 2020 may total more than $8 billion -- four times higher than estimated just one month ago. The numbers are...
  9. Lamar Givens

    Alternative to the vaccine

  10. Boug92

    Playoff P send shots at James Harden

  11. grazazaza

    Spanish government tries UBI (Universal Basic Income)

    Pandemic speeds largest test yet of universal basic income NEWS 10 JULY 2020 Pandemic speeds largest test yet of universal basic income Economists welcome the chance to see whether giving people cash to spend however they choose improves livelihoods. Volunteers in Barcelona, Spain...
  12. FAH1223

    NBA Documents Show It’s Considering Delaying 2020-21 Season to March

    Three weeks ahead of the NBA’s planned resumption of the 2019-20 season at Walt Disney World Resort, the league’s Global Innovation Group is considering several scenarios for next season, including one that would begin in March and run through October 2021. An internal planning document...
  13. Flawdaboi

    Church Pastors and Preachers give upcoming prophetic dreams/views...

    I'm not super, super spiritual but these church folk have given prophecy's in the past that have come true. Back in Dec he had these dreams..... Monday he had another one He explains how in his vision, he saw a fist ball up and punched the calendar once it hit Nov 2020 ... he goes on to...
  14. MischievousMonkey

    The pandemic, an opportunity for the African sovereignty

  15. FAH1223

    Private health insurance is in crisis, employer-based system crumbling

    President Trump is entering the full swing of campaign season by asking the Supreme Court to snatch health insurance from tens of millions of people. The Justice Department filed a brief on Thursday arguing the court should strike down the entire Affordable Care Act. This would cause something...
  16. Mr. Jack Napier

    NYC Freezing Rent For 1 Year For Over 2 Million Tenants

    Sorry for the long post, NY Times makes you pay for articles.
  17. A

    Chicago Pandemic Fukkery

    Security: "Ooooh, why y'all letting them do dat?":laff: Bystander: "You security, top flight security.":laff: Security: "Don't get your ass whooped." :laff:
  18. blqbird

    What have you lost due to the coronavirus?

    Have you lost income? Your job? Part of your 401K? What about friends/family? Fears? Have you gained anything?
  19. null

    COVID-19 Pandemic (Coronavirus)

    2020 doing more in the first month than happened in the while last decade. Selling more than the 2010's in its first week. Respek on its name :wow: . Killer Chinese coronavirus 'may be passed through SALIVA' as outbreak reaches Taiwan, death toll rises to six and 300 patients are struck down...