1. Xavier

    Black Men Blamed Over Latto’s Mom Going Viral Over 20 pages over a few milk man jokes :gucci: Some of yall need to take one for the team and create accounts on there to dm these hurt chicks
  2. Kuma the Bear

    Somali breh kills his girlfriend & unborn child because his family wouldn't accept him dating a PAWG

  3. Fill Collins

    I've been serially PAWGing since last year :snoop:

    Alright, i'll confess, I like them pale too :wow: :blessed: I realized cacs are basically retarded once they're out their little bubbles, every one, a six cert breh has an advantage by default :ufdup: Most don't use this natural loophole though, cac women have two archetypes: the needy and the...
  4. Charlie Hustle

    Clout Chasing, Pearl Clutching Senator Katie Britt was lying through her PAWG teeth about a sex trafficking victim after the State of the Union

    Sex trafficking survivor slams Britt for inaccurate story in SOTU response “And I think [Britt] should first take into account what really happens before telling a story of that magnitude,” Karla Jacinto Romero said. Karla Jacinto Romero, the woman whose story Sen. Katie Britt appeared to...
  5. Mazino

    Tyreek Hill being sued by 6'1" PAWG for allegedly breaking her leg during football lesson Pics of her
  6. Kuma the Bear

    PAWG discovers that she's 19% Nigerian 🇳🇬

  7. CopiousX

    PAWGers and PAAGers unite! Look at miss Japan 2024. :blessed:

    I swear these people can't help but be colonizers. :mjlol: Ukrainian-born model winning Miss Japan re-ignites identity debate 24 January 2024 Share By Shaimaa Khalil Tokyo correspondent MISS NIPPON ASSOCIATION Carolina Shiino Miss japan...
  8. Charlie Hustle

    New York City PAWG was arrested after several body parts, including a severed head, were found inside of her freezer.

    A 45-year-old woman in New York has been arrested after police performing a wellness check on her Brooklyn apartment allegedly discovered a dismembered human body — including a severed head — inside of a freezer that had been taped shut. Heather Stines, who lives in the apartment, was taken into...
  9. FluffyEyes

    Taylor Swift's stalker seen outside her home right after being released for stalking her

    TAYLOR SWIFT STALKER HEADS BACK TO HER NYC PAD ... Busted for Third Time!!! Taylor Swift's stalker isn't getting the message -- 2 hours after he was in court over his last arrest for creeping around her home ... he was back on Taylor's block and getting busted again. This video shows David...
  10. Sleepy Floyd


  11. Kuma the Bear

    Members of PAWGSET have confessions to make ("We're Black Guys who date White Girls")


    Tall Pawg Lovers 👀

    Yall climbin this tall glass of premium snow ice cave caucus bunny mountain demon milk or nah
  13. J.E.T.S

    A beautiful PAWG for the New Year

    :noah: Just damn .
  14. Fill Collins

    I found a Coli breh's youtube channel :dame:

    Seems to fit with the usual TLR rabble :ehh:
  15. the elastic

    TRAGIC PAWG ALERT! One of America's Top 90s PAWGs Out Here Looking Like Chris Jericho!

  16. Brolic

    Geriatric PAWG Cher’s sex drive is too much for 37 year old breh to handle

    Cher's 'Demanding' Sexual Appetite at 77 is Too Much for Boyfriend Alexander 'AE' Edwards, 37: 'She's Wearing Him Out' Cher, 77, has bragged about having the best sex of her life with boyfriend Alexander "AE" Edwards, 37, but insiders dished that the insatiable cougar is wearing out the young...
  17. Sleepy Floyd

    Coli breh doing his dance next to a thicc PAWG

  18. Kuma the Bear

    Popular TikTok breh loses followers after people find out he's dating a PAWG

    The music :dead:
  19. A

    When good PAWGS go BAD!

    🤢 Built up the following then hit the spin cycle She’ll be back