1. Luken

    Only on the coli.... Former Pawg Hunter now turned c00n hunter

    Trying too hard or mental illness, which is it breh @TEXAS IS FULL :unimpressed: its just the internet B, its never that serious, bust your pawg nuts in peace and without worry, pause. :unimpressed: @JLova @Amestafuu (Emeritus) @Krisrunner2049 @satam55 @TheManFromVA @Cadillac @Marc Spector
  2. JadeB

    ADOS Pawgers, have y'all experienced this?

    When my husband and I finally decided to take the plunge after dating for four years, we eloped. I think deep down we were worried about the “if anyone here can show just cause” part. My father’s side of the family was horrified, my mother’s tolerant, but not overjoyed. When my grandmother...
  3. Brutus Buckeye Pawging

    Brutus Buckeye Pawging

  4. skokiaan

    You wont like this but its the truth.....

  5. Jimi Swagger

    Former Oklahoma police officer was convicted of killing his daughter's black boyfriend

    Shannon Kepler, left, arrives with his legal team for afternoon testimony in his trial in Tulsa, Okla. Shannon Kepler, a white ex-police officer, has been convicted of killing his daughter's black boyfriend in 2014. The verdict came after three mistrials in which Kepler was charged with...
  6. U

    PAWG charged with raping a male taxi driver while her accomplice held him at knifepoin

    A 23-year-old woman from Ohio has been arrested and charged with rape and aggravated robbery targeting a male taxi driver. Brittany Carter, of Freemont, was indicted earlier this month on two first-degree felony counts in connection to the incident that took place in late January. Carter's...
  7. HopeKillCure

    But You Thought It was Only White Men and Black Feminists Mad at Black Men PAWING...

    Mother suffers 'racist' assault from Asian Uber driver | Daily Mail Online This Asian 'man' hit a baby in the face with a pair of keys:mindblown: A PAIR OF KEYS:damn: a damn INFANT:pacspit: The police just let him go huh:mjpls: . A slave huh:mjpls: I keep telling ya'll about our...
  8. osama bin fly

    Girlfriend caught me browsing coli after we fukked

    So after me and my girl fucced she just went to sleep (allegedly) so I got up and I said you know what lemme enjoy some nice coli time I ended up browsing thebooth and laughing loudly at all the garbage opinions and next level trolling mathematics displayed on there and apparently it woke up...
  9. Londilon

    Black woman responds to the 6 cert coli members who pawg