1. Kuma the Bear

    Somali breh kills his girlfriend & unborn child because his family wouldn't accept him dating a PAWG

  2. Rhapture

    Is she the OG of Pawgs?

    @DrexlersFade @N*gga Please ?
  3. Kuma the Bear

    Members of PAWGSET have confessions to make ("We're Black Guys who date White Girls")

  4. Brolic

    Geriatric PAWG Cher’s sex drive is too much for 37 year old breh to handle

    Cher's 'Demanding' Sexual Appetite at 77 is Too Much for Boyfriend Alexander 'AE' Edwards, 37: 'She's Wearing Him Out' Cher, 77, has bragged about having the best sex of her life with boyfriend Alexander "AE" Edwards, 37, but insiders dished that the insatiable cougar is wearing out the young...
  5. Kuma the Bear

    Popular TikTok breh loses followers after people find out he's dating a PAWG

    The music :dead:
  6. Cuban Pete

    Euro PAWG gets asked by Brit Breh what race she would choose to be if she wasnt a cac

    Jesus fukking Christ and some of y'all told me it was only in America that white people act crazy :huhldup:
  7. NoirDynosaur

    Stephanie Mills on Dating Michael Jackson, Mike Dating White Women as a Career Move

    Mike was repping PAWGSET on the low? :jbhmm:
  8. Sleepy Floyd

    PAWG with DSL's making that ass clap

    I'm blown away! :gladbron: She must be from the Windy City :lolbron:
  9. Manny2828

    Why are there movements[ PAWGSET/DIVEST] to date/fukk cacs?

    bro we gotta have an honest discussion about this. Why the fukk does pawgset or divest movement exist? Does anyone else find that weird? Even these Asian bytches who run after cac men don’t have a movement named after that shyt :what:
  10. Brolic

    African Coli breh can’t contain his excitement during wedding.

  11. Rell Lauren

    PAWGset emergency meeting. White woman claims they like BM because they can control them and have power over them.

  12. Rell Lauren

    Are you climbing the tree that is this 6'2" PAWG?

  13. Alix217

    RUMOR: Chris Rock May Have Joined PAWGSET

    Chris Rock and Lake Bell are seen leaving high-end Italian restaurant together as romance rumors swirl at a baseball game Will smacked him into...
  14. Rell Lauren

    Dr. Umar caught in 4K chatting with a Yacubian woman UPDATE: Umar responds

    :mjgrin: Update: Umar responds to accusations
  15. A

    Them Swedish PAWGS built different

    :mjlit: :31 in :picard::ohlawd: GaLAWD have mercy!
  16. Rell Lauren

    Brooklyn rapper Maino says that when he has sex with white women he likes slave play

  17. Versace Joffrey

    Deep throat your Dog’s tongue, crehettes

    And put it online as if it’s totally normal :scust:
  18. Low End Derrick

    Smash or Pass: Pale Eastern Euro Fitness PAWG Karina Kliauz

  19. Pete Wrigley

    How are these PAWGs not censored?

    Let your kids watch YouTube unsupervised brehs :dwillhuh: Absolute filth......
  20. Low End Derrick

    Spicy PAWG asks African husband what American phrase confuses him: "Bed Bucks"

    Sorry, "Bed Bugs"