1. Low End Derrick

    Pics/vids of people squashing their beefs

    A positive thread idea in this, divisive of times? :ehh: Let's do it I'll start it off with the pic I posted in that thread: Add on, brehs :blessed:
  2. Patriarch

    RIP Dr Afrika

    Influenced a lot of us to become vegan. Huge loss for us. A gain for the ancestors.
  3. Fade Runner 2049

    Peace God, What’s today’s mathematics?

  4. JadeB

    Africa is safer than ever before

    the coming anarchy” in the 1990s, to Boko Haram massacres today, news from Africa may seem dominated by never-ending conflict. That image is out of date. In 2002 Tony Blair was justified in describing the state of Africa as a “scar on the conscience of humanity”, but in the years since there...
  5. Hijo de luna


    Dear Universe,:feedme: Love Health Travel Successful entrepreneurship Give back Joy
  6. MischievousMonkey

    Advise Media Show: What an African American learns from his first travel in Africa (no diaspora war)

    Listen to the first seconds and you already know :mjlol: Another one :ufdup: And don't yall turn this into a diaspora conflict :stopitslime:
  7. Mj metal

    Mj metal

  8. JadeB

    Spain will remove Catalonia's leader

    MADRID — In a first for Spain, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy announced on Saturday that he would remove the separatist government of the independence-minded region of Catalonia and initiate a process of direct rule from Madrid. The announcement, made after an emergency cabinet meeting, was an...
  9. Neuromancer

    What does peace of mind look like, to you?

    Simple question, but possibly hard to describe. So what does that state of being look like to you, personally.
  10. Jimi Swagger

    Why do some UN peacekeepers rape?

    In the first of a four-part series, Al Jazeera examines the accusations of sexual abuse and exploitation against the UN. Full Article: Why do some UN peacekeepers rape? by Azad Essa UN peacekeepers are sent to the most war-ravaged countries on Earth, ostensibly to help them transition to...
  11. CamelPeace


    Sounds like a brand of cigarettes, but it ain't
  12. P

    Favorite things to do when it rains??

    i like to listen to Sade, light a candle, and just relax... if I had a boyfriend I would cuddle with him
  13. Neuromancer

    Black people and Mental health.

    In light of these two Does the coli need a mental health/advice/guidance subforum? Black men, vulnerability and depression. I thought we should carve out a little thread where we can talk about black people and mental health. Here where we can talk unincumbered. People say no one cares about...
  14. HopeKillCure

    Sa Neter (Fresh Off The Polight Wars) has a Special Guest on Sa Neter TV--Yes indeed

    The Hotep community blending with the Black Neo-Conscious community Neter like the Father Abraham of Harlem...His ramblings about Africa:duck:Tariq a little shook in the 'Dusty Hotep' Lions' Den huh:steviej:
  15. Afro

    What are you thankful for?

    I don't celebrate Thanksgiving, but the idea of taking stock of your blessings in life thus far should be a thing. Even if you don't believe in God, you should still appreciate the good things. Yall already know what I'm thankful for :wow: I'm interested to see what you guys say though :ehh:
  16. Afro

    Just admit you scared brehs

    "But but Trump gonna set marshal law and make me poor :mjcry:" "j-j-jj-ji-jim crow?!:damn:" "I blame the people who didn't vote :aicmon:" "Hilary wouldn't have fukked us. At least not like Trump :rudy:" "Cacs actin all types of funny :hamster:" "What the c00ns gotta say now?! :mjgrin:"...
  17. DrX

    its been good....I'm ready to leave the Coli (DrX Asked for Banned For Real This Time)

    I've had an good two years here and met some really cool ppl but its time to say good bye ...I might pop up every now and then but posting here is pointless for me... Unfortunately it seem pointless to continue here. I've gave my opinions on everything pretty much and its toxic for me to still...
  18. V

    "Global Peace Index" - the most and least peaceful countries in the world [map]

    Vision of Humanity Iceland is the most peaceful country in the world Syria, South Sudan, Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia - come claim your L's Is Russia really in the bottom 15? Probably some anti Russian propaganda :lupe: @ThreeLetterAgency Based on the following stat categories
  19. S


    Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar. Every day during this month, Muslims around the world spend the daylight hours in a complete fast. During the blessed month of Ramadan, Muslims all over the world abstain from all food, drink, and other physical needs during the daylight...
  20. FAH1223

    Man who shot up mosque feels embrace of forgiving Muslims