1. DrX

    During My Exile I Finalized A Comprehensive Escape Plan For All Black Men called operation

    "black happiness" Hi, How are y'all doing today? hope all is well. I've been doing alot of soul searching lately. My mind is expanding and personality is changing at a rapid pace. I'm calmer, more accepting and my manners is coming along nicely. As I approach 30 I want the 2nd half of my life...
  2. Ruck

    Need guidance brehz - Bout to get my Associates of Arts and transferring to a Bachelors

    Bout to be done with my generals and prereqs of math. I basically can choose any major for my bachelors but I am torn on which to choose. I know id rather get a bs vs a ba, but im really interested in bba logistics. i currently work as a mental health specialist iii and i just cleared over 62...
  3. ill

    U.S. Governors Prepare Wish Lists For Trump Infrastructure Promise

    U.S. governors prepare wish lists for Trump infrastructure promise President Donald Trump's campaign promise for a $1 trillion infrastructure program will be in focus when U.S. governors gather on Friday in Washington, D.C., with some states making wish lists of projects ranging from a bullet...