1. Warren Peace

    Come Predict the entire NFL Playoff with this site Let's see who's Nostradamus in this bytch :mjlit:
  2. JesusFOREVER

    Black coaches dominate whenever they’re given good rosters

    Bill Russell won 2 chips as a coach, Tyronn Lue coached arguably the greatest to never win a championship and the greatest comeback in nba history, has these clippers looking amazing without their best player, Nate finally got a contending roster and coaching circles around two former COTY, hell...
  3. JesusFOREVER

    Chris Paul State Farm Commercials reveals Suns playoff fate?

    so i've been taking mental notes of these new cp3 state farm commercials since he joined the suns, if you notice throughout his career he has state farm commercials with ALL his star teammates: (Blake Griffin, Deandre Jordan, James Harden) yet not a single one with Devin Booker? :mindblown: but...
  4. JesusFOREVER

    NBA Commercial reveals pre-planned "script" for 2021 Playoffs?

    timestamped @17 so yeah this commercial for the NBA Finals on ESPN was released on June 14th of 2021, if you look at the NBA Playoff Schedule for June 14th of 2021 there were only 7 teams standing: Jazz, Clips, Bucks, Nets, Hawks, Sixers, and Suns now in the timestamp of the vid we start off...
  5. Justise M

    All teams left in NBA playoffs didn't go far in the Bubble last year

    Atlanta - Didn't make playoffs Philly - Lost first round Utah - Lost first round Brooklyn - Lost first round / Starts didn't play Milwaukie - Lost in Semis Clippers - Lost in Semis Suns - Didn't make playoffs Really speaks to how much a normal off-season is important to athletes Do ya'll...
  6. JesusFOREVER

    We’ve seen this Luka story many times before

    New young star comes in and is dominant and skilled Offensively beyond everyones expectations, puts up razzle dazzle numbers and highlights every week, wins many mvps, scoring titles, and all other kinds of accolades then in the postseason his low iq ballhog “system” gets exposed and leaves the...
  7. Primetime

    2021 NBA Playoff Predictions?

    How do you brehs and brehettes see this going?:patrice:
  8. Primetime

    All bullshyt aside, how confident are you in the Nets winning the East?

    Reference (Last year): This time around, Nets are the betting favorites at +110 Philly is second at +275 Bucks are third at +333 Miami is 4th at +1100 Note: For those who don't know what these +/- numbers mean, basically ppl gave MIL a (slightly) better chance of winning the East last...
  9. JesusFOREVER

    There’s no way the saints hitting that -10

    Hell will freeze over before Vegas loses that ez money :russ:, Bears boutta smack these dudes this shyt is gonna be HILARIOUS Saints have no clue whats about to happen steelers taking an L too :lolbron:
  10. #1 pick

    Bombs over Bog'Don! The Official 20-2021 Atlanta Hawks Thread #RIPCHAR #WeMove

    7/11 is finally here! The core of Trae Young, Cam Reddish, John Collins, Okyeka Okongwu, Kevin Huerter, Clint Capela, and De'Andre Hunter. With Four hired guns Danilo Gallinari, Bogi, Kris Dunn, and Rajon Rondo makes us 7/11. Anyone of these 11 nikkas can give it to you 24 seconds on a shot...
  11. 2Quik4UHoes

    Corona Kombat - Act 2: GOATs on the Oregon Trail: Portland Trailblazers vs Your Boss Angeles Lakers

    We back bytches! This playoff edition of the Greatest Show on Earth is brought to you by the GOAT stanchise in all sports the LWO conglomerate in conjunction with the Bron stan coalition, Mickey Tsung and the Disney Coronadome, and posters like you. For the first time in 10 years...
  12. The True HD

    No Bucks Given, So Can Magic Happen in the Bubble? - ORL vs MIL Round 1 Series

    Y'all disrespectful. :russ: #1 Milwaukee Bucks vs #8 Orlando Magic No home noise to sway the Vibes. :jbhmm: Milwaukee trying to win a title without any Champions on their squad. Here's to good basketball.
  13. Primetime

    NBA First Round Predictions?

    The victor and in how many games? :jbhmm: Lakers/Blazers Rockets/Thunder Clippers/Mavericks Nuggets/Jazz --- Bucks/Magic Heat/Pacers Raptors/Nets Celtics/Sixers Also, any legends that will be created or myths to be de-mythized?:jbhmm:
  14. B1G_controversy

    Kobe's 10 Greatest Playoff Games

    Lakers vs Kings 2001 WCSF G6 Lakers vs Spurs 2001 WCF G1 Lakers vs Suns 2010 WCF G6 Lakers vs Nuggets 2009 WCF G3 Lakers vs Pacers 2000 Finals G4 Lakers vs Blazers 2000 WCF G7 Lakers vs Suns 2006 WCQF G6 Lakers vs Spurs 2004 WCSF G4 Lakers vs Nuggets 2008 WCQF G2...
  15. B1G_controversy

    Boogie Cousins Sweepstakes

    Who should Boogie sign with for a playoff run? a) Miami Heat b) San Antonio Spurs c) Boston Celtics d) LA Clippers e) Washington Wizards
  16. P

    If we get an abbreviated NBA Season Are you giving full credit to the eventual Champion?

    I'm hearing a lot of people say this season is a wash. Saying that if everyone comes back and the league plays an abbreviated season, or skip to the playoffs, than the champion isn't really the champion and this isn't a real title. There are still teams on the cusp of making the playoffs and...
  17. Supreme365


    One of my favorite nba duels People forget how nice metta was He was about 6’7 260, but was extremely agile on defense and strong as a damn ox. He could guard 2-4 and in today’s league he’d be guarding centers also. Not to mention he was a decent scorer and in his prime usually averaged between...
  18. ItWasWritten

    Alright you bums, Now that the season is over, I need the top 5 players in the league.....NOW

    1. Kawhi 2. The Freak 3. KD 4. LeBron 5. Hardhead :wow:
  19. Primetime

    2011 East vs 2019 East

    Tougher conference top to bottom? I've considered 2011 one of the top years in the NBA not just bc of how stacked the West was (and what Dallas/Dirk did) but also how strong the East looked. This 2019 East was pretty strong too tho. I wouldn't list all the teams other than the top 4 and...
  20. GPBear


    :laff::laff::laff::laff: Saw it in the presser, this was the best pic I could find. It says “Got Bricks? Next Question” And then a stack of bricks Get fukkin destroyed WESTBRICK :russ: