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  1. MushroomX

    Jerry Lawler has another Medical Episode

  2. MushroomX

    Ringside News has another Meltdown, including snitching on a favorite strip club WWE wrestlers visit

  3. MushroomX

    Disco Inferno throwing shots at WWE's Product in terms of Dakota Kai & Damage CTRL

    :mjpls: So Disco has some choice words... :mjpls: Doesn't agree with the King of Kings decision. :mjpls: I wonder what Road Dogg has to say, since He and Disco love to chat about this shyt.
  4. Stunned Jey

    Stunned Jey

  5. Christian Cage

    Christian Cage

  6. AJ and Finn

    AJ and Finn

  7. AJ and Finn

    AJ and Finn

  8. Jey Uso

    Jey Uso

  9. MushroomX

    [10/5] AEW Dynamite: The Sammy Guevara Depreciation Society, the Epitome... of Backstage Brawling

    "Hey AEW Fans, Tony Khan here. Man, if football was 2 Quarters, the Jaguars would have won that game! Trevor Lawrence put up a great effort, but maybe this week we will beat those Texans!" "I heard some rumblings about Sammy and Andrade having a misunderstanding. I talked to both of them, and...
  10. Cowboy Tony Khan

    Cowboy Tony Khan

  11. Jey Uso

    Jey Uso

  12. MushroomX

    Bret Hart/Diesel Royal Rumble 95' Interview: Bret dreams getting a hold of Diesel's Big, Long legs

    :mjlol: Bret set himself up, and Nash with his classic wit.
  13. Tony Khan 2

    Tony Khan 2

  14. Sean O'Haire

    Sean O'Haire

  15. MushroomX

    [9/14] (All - The Elite)W Dynamite: Indefinitely Suspended, CM Punk is serving Go-Home Grand Slams at Denny's once more.

    ATTENSION AEW EMPLOYEES - ITS BEEN 10 DAYS SINCE WE'VE HAD A WORKPLACE INCIDENT HAPPEN, BRAVO! IF YOUR ANGRY DON'T VENT IT OUT, TALK IT OUT! Hello TSC Brehs, we have reached another Wednesday of AEW fukkery, the go-home show before Grand Slam. :francis: I am sad to report that because of...
  16. Stokely Hathaway

    Stokely Hathaway

  17. Dexter Lumis

    Dexter Lumis

  18. MushroomX

    (1992) Jimmy Garvin and Mean Gene in a WWF Dark Segment

  19. MushroomX

    [8/31] AEW Dynamite: Like Mario Party, guys want Stars instead of Cash in the Trio Tourney, while BattleBots go All Out before the PPV!

    "ALL OUT doesn't NEED a MAIN EVENT. ALL OUT IS THE MAIN EVENT!" "This is such an EXCITING WEEK. COLLEGE FOOTBALL IS BACK and THE NFL IS BACK NEXT WEEK!" "I think WE can COMPETE with the NFL. Just not with my Dad of course, I would love it though if you cheer on the Jaguars and Trevor Lawrence...
  20. Eddie Kingston 2

    Eddie Kingston 2