1. CarltonJunior

    Marvel Under Pressure To Retire Punisher Character and Logo

    Sorry if this has been already posted. :jbhmm: I think the character is cool but I wouldn't miss him. Him becoming the face of white supremacy and domestic terrorism isn't really something to sneeze at. I've enjoyed the shows and few comics here and there I've read of him but since he isn't of...
  2. Norrin Radd

    The Official "Marvel's The Punisher" Season 2 Thread

    'The Punisher' Season 2 Has Started Filming, First Photos Surface The Punisher is back in action as the second season of the Marvel’s Netflix series begins filming. Photos have surfaced from where star Jon Bernthal has returned to work playing Frank Castle. The Punisher is currently filming in...
  3. punisher negged

    punisher negged

  4. Benjamin Sisko

    Blade and Punisher are the most limited heroes in comics

    I've had a conversation with a homie at work. And I told him that both Blade and Punisher are some of the most overrated and limited street heroes in comics right now. WHy? Well for the Daywalker, yes he's the most famed vampire hunter right now, but after he kills Dracula and the vampire who...