1. RARI_Godwind

    BAWG Champion Rubi Rose sees her next bag! Converts to Islam (Trip to Dubai Pending)

    Why Niqqas Hatin on a Muslim Queen :heh: :mjlol: Must be cuz she a BAWG :ehh:
  2. Westbama Heartthrob

    CASE CLOSED: Jay Z Says Andre 3000 is a Better Rapper than Him

    Well, now we've all heard it straight from the camel's mouth :mjgrin:
  3. Westbama Heartthrob

    Happy Born Day to the GOAT

    Chi-town's Guevara:salute: One of my favorite rap performances :whoo: What's yalls favorite songs/verses?
  4. Jody Lo

    Singles Jody Lo - Tru Story 2

    The Winston-Salem native takes a different approach following up on his previous single with this sample laced freestyle boasting his lyrical skills with remarkable flow. Displaying the same artwork as his most recent single 'Extended clip' (Ft. Rich the kid), this release foreshadows the...
  5. Wes Phili

    Singles Wes Phili - Midnight in Tokyo

    The latest from the kid. Lo-Fi Hip Hop late night cruising vibes. Salute. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @hustlemania @Billy Ocean @Ty-Fife @RichYung@FreshAIG @~Styles~...
  6. Chip Skylark

    Chip Skylark- New Project "Still En Limbo"

    New project to end the year before I start working on my first full serious album. I hope you all enjoy. Feedback will be appreciate. I do appreciate you guys and lads opinions. Follow me on spotify and youtube. It'll be well appreciated singles/future videos Check out the old stuff...
  7. Westbama Heartthrob

    Coli Breh Empties the Clip on Female Battle Rapper

    https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTR43fM78/ I aint never heard this many ways to call somebody fat :picard:
  8. TheEmpress

    Dj Kayslay affiliate & Papoose affiliate Bruse Wane Live In Concert Dec 8th In Pittsburg !

    BRUSE WANE LIVE IN CONCERT DEC 8TH IN PITTSBURGH - THE STEEL CITY CONCERT WHAT - The Steel City Concert- Headlined by New York-Hip Hop Legend Bruse Wane: Bruse Wane is an affiliate of the Legendary Dj Kayslay, Papoose & Sean Price. If you love experiencing great live Hip Hop music & Partying [...
  9. Psalms 37

    Earliest Music memories?

    mine were -Watching music video marathon countdowns and MJ basically being the top 15. - That Aaron hall song where his wife dies and he's left alone :mjcry: -The Remember the time music video :myman: - Being a big BIGGIE fan with my cousins...we both thought Diddy was the coolest. (...
  10. Psalms 37


    .. Well shyt since like the 80s rap been about this...dudes talm bout how much they'll guck on you bytch..how they rock better jewels...how we ain't shyt because we don't rock $300 diesel jeans....and how you ain't shyt in general. What are your favorite :umad: lyrics? I'll start. Wiz...
  11. Wes Phili

    Singles Wes Phili - Cabbage Patch Kid [New Single]

    The latest from the kid. Stream, kick back, and have a smoke Salute. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @hustlemania @Billy Ocean @Ty-Fife @RichYung@FreshAIG @~Styles~...
  12. Fitz

    I'm back with a new Soulful vibes!

    What's good guys? It's been a while since my last beat but here is a fresh one from a few days. LMK what y'all think about this
  13. Psalms 37

    Oldheads How did yall recieve RUN DMC- ROCK BOX?

    Si my first time hearing this was in GTA VICE CITY and my reaction was :banderas: shyt went hard as fukk and was probably my first exposure to songs with heavy guitar sound that wasn't Carlos Santana. Cacs on youtube are saying this song blew their mind and a few of them said it made them...
  14. TheEmpress

    [NEW] Music Bruse Wane - Sunrise 2 Sunset

    [NEW] MUSIC BRUSE WANE - SUN RISE 2 SUN SET Sunrise 2 Sunset is the first single off Bruse Wane's upcoming "Prodigal Son" album. Having carved his name into the underground Hip Hop Scene Bruse Wane returns to his Jamaican roots on the upcoming album. Wane will be delivering strictly heart...
  15. C

    Other Caribana Weekend Music

    post anything, dont gotta be recent shyt only
  16. FluffyEyes

    Singles Cardi B dropping new single 7/1(This Friday)Update: Features Kanye West and Lil Durk

    Cardi is finally dropping a new song
  17. TheEmpress


    BRUSE WANE PARADIGM SHIFT - OFFICIAL VIDEO By unspoken Truth Bruse Wane goes full on BatMan in the visuals to the official video to his song Paradigm shift. Shot by "Turtle Gang Films".The visuals to the hard hitting single abounds with flashes of Gotham's favorite caped crusader, as Bruse...
  18. JadeB

    2Pac was pro-choice

    @1:09. I listened to this so many times and I just made the connection with this line:ohhh:. My respect for Pac grew a million times more:salute:
  19. drhook94

    Rappers better than Kev Roc of Darc Mind

    Lets discuss rappers with better bar for bar skill than Kev Roc cuz I can't think of many. Old man has been rappin on X-ray's beats since before I was born and that 2nd song is from 2022 - and he's still rappin circles around the radio and yet nobody talks about him. He's one of the best...
  20. Giselle

    Black Americans & The Real History of Rap/Hiphop

    Black Americans been rapping since at least the 40s (possibly earlier as it was said to begin with preachers which been around before the 40s) but it wasn’t considered a genre until decades later. I’d say the guy who kicked it off was comedian pigmeat markham and below you’ll see him in the...