1. The Prince of All Saiyans

    Roman lied…will be at Smackdown! THE Smackdown thread

  2. Saysumthinfunnymike

    The Almighty Ratings Gods. #THB #DESTROYER #DEMOGAWDS

    :obama: :myman:
  3. ImmaGetJoeClarkArrested

    Rate This IG Thot: Day 1 @nastasya_generalova

    First off @xXOGLEGENDXx fukk u for exposing these thots and confirming that these hoes ain't shyt:pacspit: But you and my wife can't stop me from lookin:sas1: So I follow an extensive amount of thots on Instagram for the obligatory research purposes and everyday my favorite changes So in true...
  4. GilSho

    Ratings are way better with Superteams but the NBA is more entertaining without them

    From the Showtime Lakers & Bird/McHale/Parish Celtics almost singlehandedly saving the NBA to the 90s Bulls taking the sport global. Shaq & Kobe Lakers carrying the League post-MJ to the Heatles/Warriors exploding the sports popularity. The NBA has historically NEEDED Superteams & the ratings...
  5. JerseyBoy23

    TSC Daily Ratings Thread - RAW on USA: 2,130,000 viewers

    Been seeing people say that there should just be one ratings thread instead of multiple threads so I'll try to keep track of them in here. RAW averaged 2,130,000 viewers last night. It's highest hour managed to claim 2.3 million viewers but went down to 1.9 million by the end of the night.
  6. JerseyBoy23

    NXT vs AEW Ratings Thread

    We knew both shows would take a hit from the NBA opening week and World Series but I think they both held up really well. NXT even rose from 30 in the demo to 21. These will probably end up being the numbers we see every week until after the NBA Finals come around.
  7. The Prince of All Saiyans

    07_23: HBK to provide guest commentary Smackdown Live

  8. JerseyBoy23

    RAW Rating Hits 15 Week Low

    Guess the Mania honeymoon period is over. Those third-hour numbers just keep dropping at some point USA's gonna step in, especially if they feel neglected after the Smackdown move. 411MANIA | WWE Raw Rating Sinks to Fifteen-Week Low
  9. L

    Why do slightly above-average girls have the worst attitudes?

    Not all of course. But seems like 6s and 7s play hardest to get/quickest to curve. Noticed this across races.
  10. M

    Remember when people said the Miami Heat had the worst fans in the NBA?

    When in reality, people thought their favorite team was going to lose the NBA Finals and didn't want to sit through the pain?:sas1: Let's look at the attendance numbers shall we?:sas1: And we'll do the years since Lebron left:sas1: 2017-2018 NBA Attendance - National Basketball Association -...
  11. PortCityProphet


    Netball is thriving :troll:
  12. Playaz Eyez

    What Was The WWE Thinking With These Tag Teams....

    Y'all know every couple months/years, the WWE gets the idea to start pushing the tag division until they lose interest, but I don't know what they were they were thinking with some of these. Some of these dudes were actually good wrestlers, but the gimmicks :mjlol: I thought the Simon...
  13. Kane

    Game 7 draws top NBA Finals rating since Michael Jordan's last title

    Game 7 drew best ratings since MJ's last Finals :wow:
  14. Da King

    So smark favorites are running the card and ratings continue to collapse, GOATsso never lied

    NXT wrasslers with no mass appeal and indie darlings have taken over RAW and ratings continue to dive. TSC love to hate the likes CeGOAT and GOARTon, but they are stars with mass appeal. I actually felt embarrassed seeing taxi driver Sami Zayn so high on the card on RAW :snoop: End is near...