What's your Generational Faction looking like brehs? :jbhmm:

    Added caveats to make things interesting: - Are they a babyface or heel faction? -Are they primarily on Pi'Raw or #SDSet :lupe: - Who's the leader? - Who are your WWF (E), World, IC/US, or Tag Champs? - Chosen wrestlers from the specific era have to match the faction alignment - It's not...
  2. Easy-E

    The Player Hater of the Year Power Rankings (Raw, NXT, Smackdown) [Week 6 UPDATE] Now sponsored by Week 6 Sponsored by Haterade®

    2024 been the year of hate in the WWE and by decree of the Queen @Vice Queen AEW, Indy, Japan brehs can make a thread :whoa: I've decided to the publish a regularly (sometimes weekly) Power Rankings. Welcome to the Easy-E poll...pause We gone do this like NCAA Football...say hello to our...
  3. THE 101

    Raw is going to Netflix for 5 billi

  4. NoMorePie

    [07/10/2023] Monday Night RAW: The Beast encounters a nightmare, Maxxine Dupri Graduation Ceremony, and who could be the third man?

    Cody Rhodes to deliver a special message to the beast Drew McIntyre & Riddle vs Imperium Alpha Academy throws Maxxine Dupri a graduation ceremony Let's get it I'm also not good at thread titles plz don't flame me
  5. jeh

    Women's World Title Match Rhea Ripley vs Natalya: WWE Monday Night Raw July 3, 2023 USA 8/7c Brock Lesnar Is Back!!!

    WWE Monday Night Raw Will Be Live From The CFG Bank Arena In Baltimore Maryland Natalya attempts to wrench the Women's World Title from Rhea Ripley After receiving five Guinness World Records, Natalya will try to set more records as she attempts to take the Women's World Championship from...
  6. jeh

    From Savanah With Love, I Fly To You Much Wiser Since My Goodbye To You...WWE Monday Night Raw June 26, 2023 USA 8e/7c

    Live From The Enmarket Arena In Savannah Georgia It's WWE Monday Night Raw
  7. J.E.T.S

    I’ve never wanted to smash a THICK social media thot so bad …

    Jesus Christ! She has the right amount of regular hood look to her that I like too :noah: https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZT8Jrwf2o/ https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZT8JrnLTD/ I would go raw & wife. I do not give one, singular, iota, of a fukk. :whew:
  8. NoMorePie

    [6/5/2023] RAW: Seth Rollins defends against Damian Priest. Seth Rollins and Will Osprey continue to tease eachother

    Live from Hartford, CT Let's get it
  9. DrexlersFade

    I'm going out of my lane because I only PAWG but got damn Ice Spice is becoming the GOAT

  10. RARI_Godwind

    Tribal Chief Vs. Cerebral Assassin: Reigns Of Terror

    What’s up Bodyslamming Brehs Just lowkey got back into the sht and I need help understanding: How/why is Roman Reigns title run not as bad or worse than Triple H’s reign of terror? I saw the later half of Triple H run from about 2004-2005 but as a kid it didn’t seem too out of place for me and...
  11. The Prince of All Saiyans

    THE OFFICIAL RAW THREAD 4/17 brought to you by Black Pink

  12. NoMorePie

    [03/13] Monday Night RAW: The Beast meets The Giant. The Megastar vs the American Nightmare. The Prizefighter vs The Street Champion.

    Live in Providence https://www.wwe.com/shows/raw Following a back-and-forth on social media, LA Knight will take on Cody Rhodes on The Road to WrestleMania and The American Nightmare's Undisputed WWE Universal Title Match against Roman Reigns. Two weeks ago, Brock Lesnar accepted a...
  13. NoMorePie

    [03/06/2023] Monday Night RAW: Our GOAT is back. LIVE in Boston

    He's finally back :mjcry:
  14. jeh

    Is It Time To Make One Mega Thread For WWE Developmental...Your Voice, Your Vote!! 2022

    Seeing that Impact is just one Mega Thread, how come WWE NXT isn't one mega thread, at least Impact... :myman: Had a video game. where is the NXT video game, since they're a "Third Brand" and no not mods or dlc, or some SuperCard stuff. An Actual wrestling game. During the good, the bad, and...
  15. JadeB

    Would you date this thick brunette volleyball player?

  16. jeh

    The Miz vs US Champion The All Mighty in a Steel Cage Match, Braun Strowman is Back! Raw 9/5

    Live from The T-Mobile Center in Kansas City Missouri it's Monday Night Raw Bobby Lashley to battle The Miz in a United States Title Steel Cage Match The Official Online Store of the WWE | shop.wwe.com More matches will be announced stay tuned
  17. DrexlersFade

    Who ready to eat my god this girl bad as fukk :banderas:

    No words
  18. FruitOfTheVale

    Singles My 1st music video ever, check it out! ----> NoDotWon x The Vampire Dynasty - "Horizon Event"

    It's here :mjcry: This is off of my concept album S.S. Polaris produced by @ShaDynasty that I dropped a couple months back, if you like underground shyt lmk what you think!
  19. Nymbus

    Royal Rumble with everyone you've ever smashed

    No weapons, win by k.o. or submission y'all taking the belt ?:jbhmm:
  20. DrexlersFade

    One of the baddest chicks your ever gonna see:banderas:

    This woman so fukking bad the back shots :noah: