1. AVXL

    #F@ckDat, it's Hate Week. Saints vs Falcons OFFICIAL Game Thread

    No lie every time I see y'all weak ass flower lily logo or hear your retarded ass chant this song comes to mind: So let's get this shyt out the way: Falcons will FOREVER be big brother. Not just because we older than y'all and have more wins in the rivalry but because we're just better than...
  2. AVXL

    "I'm killing the roof like Michael Vick"-Green Bay Packers at Atlanta Falcons-Sunday Night Football

    In a rematch of last season's NFCCG, won by the Falcons 44-21 that sent the Falcons to Super Bowl 51 :banderas: The Falcons will officially open Mercedes Benz Stadium on Sunday Night Football and if the weather holds up will have the roof open for the first time during a game :wow: Both...
  3. AVXL

    Matthew 28:3..."And his clothes were white as ICE!" The Official 2017 Atlanta Falcons Season Thread

    First and foremost :salute: to the Atlanta brethren, Zones 1-6, Eastside, Westside, Southside hell even the gotdamn Northside, what the fukk's goin on brehs?!? :obama: @The ADD @FreshFromATL @Stone @charmander @ATLien @Atlrocafella @Rickdogg44 @FutureGOAT @JBoy @The_Sheff @Sly Cookin @Hollywood...
  4. AVXL

    ColiGrove: ATL X NO. Falcons at Saints Game Thread. #HateWeekByke

    It's that time again gumbo sippers :demonic: I personally got beef with each and everyone of y'all so: @portcityplaya you a four foot midget that shops at JCPenny. bytch :pacspit: @clutch You said something mean to me before @cfountain You a Thunder fan in NO :pacspit: @ManMade You in Atlanta...