sasha banks

  1. Rell Lauren

    Sasha Banks leaves RAW after taking offense to booking decision EDIT: WWE releases statement

    If the reports are true, what does WWE do? Anytime she doesn't get her way, she bolts out of the door. EDIT:
  2. Cboz78

    Monday Night Raw 10/11/21: Kings and Queens continued

  3. Playaz Eyez

    BOSSIP with an amazing headline for Sasha and Bianca

    Two women that could actually be mainstream stars but Vince thinking Charlotte is the be all end all woman :hhh:
  4. New Wave

    The Boss got these wrasslethots bigmad :mjgrin:

  5. Vice Queen

    Sasha Banks: My Health & Matches Improved Without WWE’s Grueling Travel Schedule

    Sasha Banks: My Health & Matches Have Improved Without WWE Travel
  6. TheGodling

    Sasha getting paid to promote anime on Instagram. UPDATE: TENET as well

    The Boss making boss moves in sponsorship. :banderas:
  7. Norrin Radd

    Sasha Appearing in Season 2 of 'The Mandalorian'

    WWE's Sasha Banks Reportedly Will Appear in 'The Mandalorian' Season 2 Get that Disney money:wow:
  8. Jisoo Stan

    The Man speaks on The Boss taking her ball and going home

    While promoting her title defense in the Submission Match against Canadian women's wrestling legend Natalya at tonight's WWE SummerSlam 2019 pay-per-view in Toronto, Ontario, RAW Women's Champion Becky Lynch had some pretty rough comments when asked about the WWE status of Sasha Banks. When...
  9. JerseyBoy23

    UPDATE: Sasha Banks Returns To WWE

    UPDATE: Sasha Banks Reportedly Wants To Sit Out The Rest Of Her WWE Contract - Wrestling Inc. Looks like she's thinking about becoming an Elite star.
  10. Playaz Eyez

    Any of Y'all Ever Just Took A Look At The Raw Women's Title History?

    Charlotte and Sasha alternating for half a year:mjlol:Sasha only winning the titles on Raw, while Charlotte picks up the PPV wins:hhh: Alexa Bliss hi-jacking the title and barely defending it :francis::russ:
  11. JerseyBoy23

    RUMOR: Sasha Banks Signs New Contract With WWE

    From the same guy who first reported on dual-branded PPVs and Neville walking out so I'm pretty sure it's an accurate report: Not like she had much of a choice. Women wrestlers don't have the ROH/PWG/Japan stimulus package like Bullet Club and etc.
  12. J

    Official WOAT Fan Tattoos Thread.

  13. Rell Lauren

    Paige's WWE in ring career over

    Was going to happen to someone eventually. Banks is very sloppy in the ring.
  14. JerseyBoy23

    Sasha Banks On Stone Cold Podcast (Cliff Notes)

    I posted the podcast link below if you want to listen in full. Before you brehs ask, yes I did jack this from another forum. Anyway this might be one of the most in-depth Sasha interviews so far. I never heard that her trainer wanted her to quit or that she tried MMA training first...
  15. V

    According to Meltz, the word on the skreet is Sasha and Alexa don't like each other in real life

    8. Sasha Banks beat Alexa Bliss to win the Raw women’s title in 13:15. Both were brawling early. The word on the street is that these two really don’t get along. Still, they had a nice match. Banks used a backstabber and bank statement but Bliss made the ropes. Bliss threw Banks out of the ring...
  16. JerseyBoy23

    Sasha Banks Wants Fans To 'Shut Up' About Her Turning Heel

    So Sasha was interviewed by David Shoemaker on his Masked Man podcast earlier this week and got asked about whether she likes to be a face or a heel. And shot back with this response. Transcript: Sasha wants you to ‘shut up’ about her turning heel I'm pretty sure the consensus for TSC is that...
  17. Jisoo Stan

    Sasha Banks drops bombs on Divas Revolution, JTG on Cornette/Santino, Gail Kim, WM Unofficial Lineup

    The Boss praises The King :sas1: what would you have done? :merchant: @ADK? :merchant: hard to debate......... but fvck tna :youngsabo: John Cena & The Miz opening up :ohhh: also here's a random gif
  18. The Rainmaker

    Charlotte and Sasha Banks will main event Hell in a Cell Update: Maybe not - Updatex2: Yes they are

    Hopefully no one dies :lupe:
  19. SalamiAttack


    :takedat::takedat::takedat::takedat::takedat::takedat::takedat::takedat: NO MORE POPCORN MATCHES, BREHS :feedme: "DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE TALKING TO!!!???!!!!" :blessed::blessed::blessed::blessed::blessed:
  20. Dog Based Gremlin

    Could "Charlotte vs Sasha Banks" Headline Summerslam in Brooklyn this year?

    I mean, they are trying to say its a New Era and Divas revolution. The storyline is all there like Sologawd said. They could put together an epic promo dating back to their NXT day, Takeover last year in Brooklyn with Sasha putting on a classic, Charlotte being crowned the Womens champion at...