1. D

    Old hoes out the game trying to hustle you unappreciation

    Peep this ol bullshyt: This chick I know since HS back in the day got pregnant at 15 and started hoeing at 17 She became an escort, businessmen and shyt Eventually took her ass international. Escorted for years all over Europe. Retired from the game and lives in Spain now. Today she's 42 with...
  2. A

    Hey All You PPP Loan Scammers, Republicans Say If You Vote For Them, They Will Roll Back Those 87,000 New IRS Agents

    This is pathetic, right before midterms. :mjlol:
  3. Mr anansi

    humorous satire: grifties

  4. you're NOT "n!ggas"

    So Tone Talks prosecuted AND represented Freeway Rick Ross but Jay Morrison/Tariq are th scammers???

    Apparently he made another video going after Jay Morrison yesterday. And then I see this Say what now? :dame: This b*stard been eating good as hell off The War on Drugs. 1)As a prosecutor can for Los Angeles 2)That fukk ass Emmy nominated documentary he's always name dropping 3)In legal fees...
  5. Londilon

    Ladies of the Coli: Stop listening to men online trying to teach you game on how men play women.

    I'm posting this because I see good girls constantly getting played by men when all they want is to find a husband. So they seek out these scammers who act like they have the code to finding a man. So here I am, I'm going to help you sistas out. Have you ever seen these type of videos pop up...
  6. LightSkinYeshua

    New 90 day rule

    I have no objections to the original 90 day rule. Its impossible to know someones true intentions within the first few weeks of dating so giving the box up does hold a lot of risk. However, if the guy is gonna be spending all that money on you, isnt that also taking risk? So heres a new 90 day...
  7. RARI_Godwind

    Brehs, How does identity theft work?

    Some suspicious people might have pilfered my info so I've been talkin to my boy about it. He told me I should be good cuz I'm alive and using my ss number and usually identity thieves go after people who died. :dahell: I said "So if you use somebody's ss and then someone tells you you died 8...