1. New Wave

    Can’t change my avatar?

    This site being held together by bubble gum and paper clips. :what:
  2. Charlie Hustle

    Demonic 76 year old PAWG sex worker retires after she reach 500,000 bodies

    A page turns in Las Vegas’ history: 76-year old prostitute retires after satisfying her 500,000th client @Love Bizarre Today marks an important milestone in the history of prostitution in Nevada, as the legendary prostitute Beatrice “3$” Thompson announced her retirement after a 54-year...
  3. JadeB

    Deaf and blind swimmer quits Team USA after Olympics banned her personal assistant from coming

    Deaf-blind Paralympian quits Team USA when told she can't bring assistant to Tokyo Becca Meyers is a six-time Paralympic medalist with three golds from the 2016 Rio Games. She was expected to compete for up to four medals in Tokyo. Instead she's not going. After the 26-year-old deaf-blind...
  4. Dober Man

    This is why you can't eat at just anyones house

    They might be a cat owner :hhh: Cleanliness is next to Godliness and God spelled backwards is Dog:wow:
  5. old scust

    old scust

    old scust remix
  6. scust + fabolous

    scust + fabolous

  7. scust 70s cut

    scust 70s cut

  8. Fade Runner 2049

    In May Californa Passed SB145

    :hhh: Gay pedos no longer have to register as sex offenders so long as the victim is no more than 10 years younger :picard: CALIFORNIA SENATE PASSES SEN. WIENER’S LEGISLATION TO END DISCRIMINATION AGAINST LGBTQ YOUNG PEOPLE IN SEX OFFENDER REGISTRY Sponsored by Equality California and the...
  9. Jamaican Scust

    Jamaican Scust

  10. CopiousX

    Have y'all noticed all the white people going barefoot lately?

    The sht is weird. The minute it got warm they all took of their shoes off and went Neanderthal on us. I think they are slowly reverting...:patrice: They are joghing in the streets that way. Saw some at Walmart shoeless (and sockless), walking the aisles like its normal. And y'all already...
  11. SnowflakesByTheOZ

    Which coli poster is this ?

  12. T.H.E. Goat

    Puff Daddy Make Em Cream :Scust:

    What was Missy thinking with that line:hhh:
  13. SATAN

    Jay-Z has a signature drink? I saw this in this break room at work and had to take a picture.

  14. MJ/Scust clowning

    MJ/Scust clowning

  15. scust mask

    scust mask

  16. Scust(big)


  17. ReturnOfJudah

    UGA 5 star freshman in big trouble. Out here giving sperm shakes

    Federal suit filed against former Oxford recruit
  18. scust + hhh

    scust + hhh