shakur stevenson

  1. Rev Leon Lonnie Love

    Two time Cuban Olympic Champion Robeisy Ramirez PRO debut set for August 10 in Philly

    Robeisy Ramirez pro debut set for August 10 in Philadelphia - The Ring Some of his amateur fights: same breh that put the beats on Stevenson I thinkl uncle Bob is sitting on another gold mine here :whh: what's yall take? :lupe:
  2. Rev Leon Lonnie Love

    video of professional boxer Shakur Stevenson's Garage brawl surfaces

    A video has surfaced, which shows Olympic silver medal winner and rising superstar Shakur Stevenson involved in a brawl at a Miami Beach parking garage. Stevenson was arrested on July 1 of last year and charged with misdemeanor battery. The case is still ongoing with the last court date listed...
  3. H

    Shakur Stevenson (USA) vs. Robeisy Ramirez (CUBA) GOLD Medal Match 8/20 (1:15PM EST / 10:15AM PST)

    Shakur Stevenson vs. Robeisy Ramirez (the defending 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist) :salute: