1. FAH1223

    If You Wanna Smoke A Philly, Better Bring The Heat | Official 76ers (#4) vs. HEAT (#1) ECSF Thread

    -------------------------VS------------------------- Projected Lineups : HEAT: @Da_Eggman @Sauce Dab @Makavalli @Draje @Brief Keef @Breh Obama @intruder @Green Ranger @Primetime21 @G-Zeus @Rain @F K @in the NICK of time @Mirin4rmfar @DerrtySouthpaw @number21 @OfTheCross @Luke Cage...
  2. FAH1223

    In Memoriam: Former Bullets, 76ers and Clippers HC Gene Shue (1931-2022)

  3. WMG the 2nd

    Ben Simmons changed his phone number without telling anybody in Philly - SIXERS VS NETS IN PHILLY

    “Calling my crib and I ain’t even give you my number” Danny Green unloading the clip Phill vs Brooklyn tonight tho :lolbron:
  4. FAH1223

    Joel Embiid was pushing for Brad Beal trade before Harden deal

    I guess if Embiid keeps pushing Beal S&T for Harris and Maxey incoming this summer?
  5. FAH1223

    76ers are trying to include TOBIAS HARRIS in proposed Simmons deals

    :picard: that contract This narrows the team list down
  6. FAH1223

    “Ben Simmons is the most overrated player in the NBA” - Justin Kutcher (Bullets TV Play-by-Play)

    I don’t think I heard a play by play man say this about the opposing team’s star player in a minute if at all. This is the Bullets play by play man saying this as the Bullets are getting dominated.
  7. Drew Wonder

    Kevin Garnett in Uncut Gems...

    Is probably the best performance by an athlete in a movie that I’ve ever seen. Yes he’s playing himself but it wasn’t a glorified cameo, he was actually integral to the plot and the way they weave that 2012 Celtics-Sixers playoff series into the overall story was dope Great movie. If you’re...
  8. FAH1223

    Isaiah Thomas goes into the stands in Philadelphia and is ejected; Two 76ers fans also ejected

    wondering what happened
  9. Drew Wonder

    Sixers Fan Says He Was Kicked Out of Game After Showing Support for Hong Kong

    76ers Fan Says He Was Kicked Out After Supporting Hong Kong
  10. Flex Luger

    NBA Christmas Day Games Set

  11. Sixers SAS Unimpressed

    Sixers SAS Unimpressed

  12. Sex Luthor

    Is Ben Simmons worth a max contract right now?

    After resigning Tobias Harris to a 5 year $180 million and losing Jimmy Butler, do you think Ben Simmons is worth a max deal? Report: Ben Simmons, 76ers Could Discuss New Max Contract After Free Agency They're trying to get it done early before he has a chance to qualify for more money.
  13. DrexlersFade

    Watch the G.O.A.T. drop 56 twice to celebrate his Birthday!!!!

    Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player ever, turned 56 on Sunday. Fittingly, the GOAT’s birthday comes on the same day as the 2019 NBA All-Star Game in Charlotte, which is being hosted by the team that he owns. To celebrate Jordan’s 56th, let’s watch highlights of him dropping 56 points...
  14. str8up

    Philly tried to lure Morey away from Houston

    I understand why he declined, but I think he should have gotten out of there now before the reality of that CP3 deal sets in. :huhldup: I'll bump this thread in about 3 years.
  15. Armchair Militant

    Who's the real 21 Savage? 76ers (3) vs. Heat (6) Playoff Thread

    @Primetime21 @Alexander The Great @madness @Rain @Meh @HiphopRelated @Freddie.Cane @TheGregReaper @DontDoIt @Todd McPiff @GreenRanger @Stepintoaworld @BushidoBrown @Brief Keef @Makavalli @Mr. Brown @OfTheCross @Sauce Dab @Intruder v3.0 @Draje @He Who Posts Well @Captain_Crunch @BloBama @Intruder...
  16. FAH1223

    Playoff Preview? 76ers @ Bullets 8 PM (ESPN/NBCSW)

    YOUR Washington Bullets are coming off a terrible loss to the Charlotte Hornets! To rebound, they'll have to beat the upstart 76ers who have owned the Wiz the last two meetings. The 76ers have won SEVEN in a row. 8-2 in their last 10. Without Wall's athleticism and ability to dictate the...
  17. Easy-E

    We keep these dancers hype as a Heart Attack w/ no smilin': Big Cous in NO v. PHI (12/10/17)

    :birdman: We got AD
  18. WMG the 2nd

    “Head down, ass up” - Sixers Head Coach Brett Brown

  19. DonKnock

    Will Smith is now the Majority Owner of the Sixers EDIT: Thread filled with Gay Porn Do not enter

    :ohhh: The Coli's new favorite team?
  20. Archangel

    76ers announce Jerry Colangelo as Chairman of Basketball Operations, Process not working LOL

    GM Sam Hinkie will stay on in current role. Monday, the Philadelphia 76ers dropped a bombshell. During a unexpected press conference, managing owner Josh Harris announced that Jerry Colangelo would be joining the organization as Chairman of Basketball Operations and Special Advisor to the...