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    Slim Thug - Where Dreams Are Made

    @DonKnock @richaveli83 @shopthatwrecks @Houston911 @who_better_than_me @BigSteve @Edub @Rawster @TEKBEATZ @Billy Ocean @SleezyBigSlim @keepitrealprk @mobbinfms @LevelUp @Juggalo Fred @diggy @Still Benefited @Drip Bayless @RebelX @Turbulent @staticshock @CrushedGroove @Crevard113 @IronFist...
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    Archie Lee The Hitman - Grown Man Business

    Literally haven't heard an Archie Lee song in 20 years, so I pretty much don't remember what he even sounded like during Swishahouse's heyday. This album here is NICE though, and glad I randomly came across it. @DonKnock @shopthatwrecks @richaveli83 @Houston911 @who_better_than_me @BigSteve...
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    Lil Keke - LGND

    @DonKnock @shopthatwrecks @richaveli83 @Houston911 @who_better_than_me @BigSteve @Edub @Rawster @TEKBEATZ @billywhosmokealot @Billy Ocean @SleezyBigSlim @keepitrealprk @Lumumba @mobbinfms @LevelUp @Juggalo Fred @diggy @Still Benefited @Drip Bayless @RebelX @Turbulent @staticshock @CrushedGroove...
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    Slim Thug - BIGSlim [Album]

    @DonKnock @shopthatwrecks @richaveli83 @Houston911 @who_better_than_me @BigSteve @Edub @Rawster @TEKBEATZ @billywhosmokealot @Billy Ocean @SleezyBigSlim @keepitrealprk @Lumumba @mobbinfms @LevelUp @Juggalo Fred @diggy @Still Benefited @Drip Bayless @RebelX @Turbulent @staticshock @CrushedGroove...
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    Slim Thug - BIGSlim

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    Who flipped the "Gotta Get You Home Tonight" sample the best??

    Foxy Brown & Blackstreet? Frankie Cutlass, Lost Boyz, & M.O.P.? .. Slim Thug? Big Hawk,Trae The Truth, Chamillionaire, and Devin The Dude? McGruff? Ghetto Twiinz?
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    Slim Thug - SDS Vibes

    Slim Thug coming through with more smooth grown man music. This is cruise then lay up with your main (or side:pachaha:) stuff here. Real chill. @DonKnock @shopthatwrecks@richaveli83 @Houston911 @who_better_than_me@BigSteve @Edub @Rawster @TEKBEATZ@billywhosmokealot @Billy Ocean...
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    Kirko Bangz - Now That You're Here

    Now That U Here by Kirko Bangz @DonKnock @Hiphoplives4eva @LevelUp @Houston911 @Shameonyou @riddlerap @Mad Good Dro @Lumumba @Pool_Shark @Drew Wonder @Diddly Drogba @AlbertPullhoez @JordanWearinThe45 @Deltron @C-Styles
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    Le$ - DIOS [Do It Ourselves]

    @AMvC'88 @darealvelle @Mindfield333 @Houston911 @Hiphoplives4eva @DropTopDoc @kj614 @JetLifer16 @Detroit Wave @Dak Pawgscott @Monoblock @Lootpack @Knowledge @Steven_Realberg @NormanConnors @Crown Bearer @DaFilthyLucre @DarkSkinSamurai @shopthatwrecks @Houston911 @HARLEM AL @IronFist @Ronnie...
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    Slim Thug & Killa Kyleon - Down In Texas [album]

    Bumped this the past 2 days during some workouts and they really came through on this one. @Hiphoplives4eva @shopthatwrecks @Houston911 @Sauce Dab @Billy Ocean @mobbinfms @IronFist @TheDarceKnight @Yoda @TEKBEATZ @stomachlines @DEAD7 @JordanWearinThe45 @Dameatus_Black @NegaDuck...
  11. Boug92

    Still Tippin - Slim Thug, Mike Jones & Paul Wall - Appreciation

    Best Rap Song of the 00's ?

    Slim Thug got the Rona but still in these Houston streets. *Update: them folks are coming for him

    Very irresponsible. Update: Them whypepo on his ass.
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    Slim Thug - Thug Life

    @IronFist @lightskin jermaine @Mac Brown @El Jefe @jmspro @shopthatwrecks @Striving For Greatness @Hiphoplives4eva @JordanWearinThe45 @Deltron @Soundwave @LevelUp @28 Gramz @B86 @*crackSTAR* @savoutch @LezJepzin @Jards @xd21 @hustlemania @The Bilingual Gringo @malbaker86 @raoulduke187
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    The Connect Podcast With Scarface & Slim Thug (Ep. 86)

    Real good watch here. I had it on earlier while I was doing a bunch of other stuff. Don't have any tags, but it's mostly Scarface talking about his campaign, feelings on current hip hop, his son's involvement in rap, the general Houston rap scene, social media (this part had me really cracking...
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    Shout out to all the vets late in their careers dropping quality....

    Just shouting out a lot of guys, specifically nearing 40 or 40+. I'm not including any of the GxFR dudes cause even though they're approaching that age, they've only been on radar since maybe 2015. Whether it's their flow not falling off, flow only marginally changing, and/or keeping a good ear...
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    Slim Thug - King Of The Nawf

    @IronFist @lightskin jermaine @Mac Brown @jmspro @shopthatwrecks @Striving For Greatness @Hiphoplives4eva @JordanWearinThe45 @Deltron @Soundwave @LevelUp @28 Gramz @B86 @savoutch @LezJepzin @Jards @xd21 @The Bilingual Gringo @malbaker86 @raoulduke187
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    SOLOBEATS & Tha Den Present....Waterworld

    When I came across this on amazon, just seeing the cover, I somewhat had an idea of what it was, but not really. Once I dove into it, I figured out it was a massive compilation of mostly Houston artists, past, present, and very new guys spread across over 33 tracks. Currently, I'm at track 23...
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    Just posting some hard Houston posse tracks cause I feel like it....

    @DarkSkinSamurai @shopthatwrecks @Houston911 @Cali_livin @HARLEM AL @IronFist @Ronnie Lott @RebelX @Turbulent @Long Live The Kane @T.H.E. Goat @staticshock @Juneya @KEEPITTRILLA @Hungerpain @mozichrome @CrushedGroove @IVS @Crevard113 @Big Morg (killa killa)
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    Anyone have songs they forgot existed....

    ....then something triggers you into remembering them? I fell down a rabbit hole of Slim Thug freestyles, and managed to come across these two Boss Hogg Outlaws songs I used to play the hell out of these two songs in high school, and it's probably been more than 10 years since I've heard...
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    Slim Thug - Suga Daddy Slim: On Tha Prowl

    1. Paid The Cost f. DJ X.O. 2. I L.A.M.B. f. Z-Ro & Jazze Pha 3. Playas Get Chose f. Beanz N Kornbread 4. Special 5. Poison 6. S.D.S. 7. With Me 8. High 9. Lately 10. Same Girl f. Doughbeezy & Lhitney