1. BaileyPark31

    PAWGish Perky Protruders Pummel Plushies

    Here's my peace offering for posting the PAAG.
  2. eXodus

    Sexxy Red is for the Kids

    Big Sexxy clearly has a chokehold on the game and the culture.. the youth really fukkin w her. Even the first graders! Shout out to the teacher for being creative and integrating a contemporary call and response into her pedagogy :salute:
  3. Trapperman Dave

    Get Mauled By A Lion For The Gram Brehs NSFW Update Video taken down

    Be a dumbass for likes :aicmon:
  4. RamsayBolton

    BREAKING: Tucker Carlson and Elon Musk teaming up to launch racist news show on Twitter And you already know Elon Musk will artificial boost the show's viewership on Twitter. Making sure anyone and everyone sees it so he can expose more people to racist cac ideologies
  5. Payday23

    Black man says he was shot in face, waterboarded by white deputies in Mississippi as FBI launches civil rights probe At a news conference on Wednesday, civil rights attorney Malik Shabazz said six white deputies raided the home without warning or warrants...
  6. Bart simpson

    Lori Harvey will let you smash RAW but first...

    Lori Harvey is wearing silk lingerie and she is feeling you kissing on your neck. She slowly takes off your Yankee fitted (w/ no brim) and starts to take off your shirt and says she wants to loosen up with a drink...
  7. R

    Passport brehs should be ashamed smh

  8. Antwon Mitchell

    So I was scrolling through YouTube and came across a DEEP FRIED RAT (with Mango Sauce) recipe/video...

  9. Afro

    The Final Pandemic Betrayal - The Atlantic

    The Final Pandemic Betrayal
  10. BaileyPark31

    THEY..... Have "discovered" Hair Grease & Bonnets

    I Tried Hair Slugging, TikTok's New Favorite Hair Hack Renee Rodriguez March 9, 2022, 7:03 pm hair slugging what is hair slugging how to hair slug "Hair slugging" is a new beauty hack going viral on TikTok. It involves applying oil to your hair before bed, then putting your hair in a sock...
  11. BaileyPark31

    250 Rappers That Died In 2021

    RIP Not all are American. About 10 are women
  12. BaileyPark31

    Cops Handing Out Head Shots At Wal-Mart

    MORE STORIES Moment two cops hold down a Walmart 'shoplifter' while a third shoots him at point-blank in the HEAD - but he miraculously survives By Alyssa Guzman For Dailymail.Com03:16 04 Mar 2022, updated 14:44 04 Mar 2022 Walmart. Shocking police bodycam footage, and store surveillance...
  13. Antwon Mitchell

    Why are there Black men on this site suddenly having admiration and fondness for racist white men?

    Shyt is weird:patrice:. :mindblown: Mf's expressing and professing in threads how they'd proudly dap a racist white man up and make money together as long as they get to be “bros” in public :skip: Mf's allowing racist white men to call them the n-word (among other things) and not checking...
  14. King

    Sohh J Edgar Hoover a gay self-hating tragic mulatto? This guy seems to think so :ohhh: Where the fukk did that bytch ass fukk get off writing this letter to MLK?? Fakkit was the biggest fraud himself, I ain’t NEVER seen a bytch ass piece of shyt project more in my LIFE :scust: Piece of shyt shoulda leaked...
  15. Westbama Heartthrob

    Coli Breh Begs Wife to Get C-Section So the P*ssy Can Stay Tight, SMH

    Put your dikk ahead of your wife's life brehs
  16. SheWantTheD

    Hey! I found your mom on Onlyfans

    Mama need to bring home money somehow :mjlit:
  17. JadeB

    Suffer a massive heart attack from eating raw energy powder for clout brehettes

    LIVING OnlyFans star, 20, suffers heart attack from ‘dry scooping’ TikTok challenge By Asia Grace June 3, 2021 | 2:34pm Stripper and OnlyFans star Briatney Portillo, 20, suffered a heart attack after attempting the popular "dry scooping" TikTok challenge with undiluted pre-work energy...
  18. Bart simpson

    **Butterface Alert!** Friday is ruined 7377474

    Test ur might by Bart simpson posted Feb 12, 2018 at 7:55 PM Edit: body is in the spoiler and the faces are a spoiler in the body pic... All decisions are final so choose wisely... Type A [/SPOILER] Type B [/SPOILER] Type C [/SPOILER] It's time...
  19. BaileyPark31

    Wake-up Calls Pending .........

  20. BaileyPark31

    The Fox Tokens Are Fighting.