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  1. Tunechi

    Tiffany Haddish Announces "Look Like" Song Ft. Lil Wayne & Snoop Dogg

    Tiffany Haddish recently appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show to tease an upcoming collaboration she has with Lil Wayne and Snoop Dogg. While chatting to Kelly Clarkson in a virtual interview, Tiffany announced her next single will be called “Look Like” and feature both Wayne and Snoop. You can...
  2. Chris Cool

    Avila Brothers feat. Snoop Dogg & Billy Ray Cyrus - Hard Working Man (mixed by DJ Quik)

  3. DrexlersFade

    When you come home from church but God isn't done with you-Snoop Dogg

    I played this shyt 5 times in a row and was in tears that fukking music :russ:
  4. O Fenômeno


    I'm starting to think so...his ability to remain on the charts is amazing..he has several hits in every decade since he debuted...and he doesn't go several years without a hit. -He has crossover appeal...been featured in movies, tv shows. (Show with Martha Stewart :mjgrin: ) - Successful...
  5. Dog Based Gremlin

    Pick 5 Random Numbers to Create Halftime Show Playlist

    5 songs you randomly selected to hear performed for the Halftime show Happy Superbowl Weekend :salute:
  6. TheDarceKnight

    Snoop Dogg - BODR (Back on Death Row) Album Discussion Thread (2/11/22)

    Production from Hit-Boy, Battlecat, Hi-Tek, Nottz, Bink, Don Cannon, Green Lantern, Soopafly, and more. EDIT: I didn't see a sticky and assumed there wasn't one. Mods can delete
  7. Sccit


  8. R

    Dave East ft. Snoop Dogg - 21 Questions (50 Cent Remix)

    Whoo Kid was pushing it but it got leaked
  9. Red Lion

    All Rise For the ADOS Tribe War Chant

    :troll: My girl told me this is the African-American war chant, and I almost died laughing. :mjlol:
  10. B

    Murda Mook & Arsonal Go Off On Each Other They Involve Snoop Dogg In They Heated Exchange.

    Starts At 42 Sec Mark
  11. 93 til

    Dre, Snoop, Em, Mary J. and K. Dot set to perform at SB Halftime Show

  12. Excellenceofelegance

    Singles Murder was the case & Hail Mary similarities

    Iv just noticed that these two songs share a few similarities both have that creepy church bell vibe to it ,the drums in the beginning (hi-hats &rims) share the same pattern. I’m sure the producer of Hail Mary was inspired by the snoop beat
  13. Dontay Flaco

    Snoop Dogg - Roaches In My Ashtray [NEW MUSIC]

  14. Chris Cool

    Chivas Regal got my dikk so harrrddd

    ain't gone make it to the house cause that's too far Mr. Quik gave me the keys to the benzo, so I can hit it right here on the E-Lo And then Quik follows it up with that backwards bullshyt. :mindblown: for what? Damn near ruins the track.
  15. Mufasa Ahadi

    Shark Week 2020 - Mike Tyson, Will Smith, Shaq & Snoop

    Shark Week will take viewers to New Zealand, Australia and South Africa to see how the “global lockdown and reduced amount of human activity on the seas has given sharks the opportunity to reclaim the oceans.” ShaqAttack Monday, August 10 at 8 p.m. (9 p.m. ET) After surviving a shark encounter...
  16. Dober Man

    Martha Stewart had time Today. She did what 50 cent should have

    Chelsea had her fukked up:mjlol:
  17. Playaz Eyez

    For anybody that’s always listened to Snoop Dogg, how would you rank each of his albums?

    :jbhmm::jbhmm: :whoo::whoo:
  18. Homey the clown

    Tha Eastsidaz: G'd up appreciation

  19. R

    Snoop Dogg & Dave East Collab Album On The Way

  20. Snoop Dogg

    Snoop Dogg