1. President Sakora

    Losing Your 10/10 model wife and being interviewed by two men is CRAZZZZZY!

  2. TEH

    Should he let his first biological son back into his life?

    Watch the entire TikTok to answer.
  3. Ruck

    If the Miami Heat make the 2023 NBA Finals - Jimmy Butler is guaranteed to be a Hall of Famer

    Anyone who disagrees please post here so i can neg you.
  4. Another Man

    Wait, so yesterday was Father's day tho

    :dame: Call another man daddy brehs :dame:
  5. T

    Trey Songz Cheats Of Steve Harvey's Daughter & Has Side Baby??

    R&B singer Trey Songz appears tp be a new father. The R&B singer unveiled his alleged son today on Instagram, before quickly deleting the picture. Here are the mages that he posted. His mother posted the same images: When Trey's mother was asked who the baby was, she told fans, "none of...
  6. Lebron raptors

    Lebron raptors

    Lebron sonning the raps again
  7. Indiglow Meta (R$G)


    Russell Simmons steps down from companies amid allegation :scust: LOS ANGELES — Def Jam Records founder Russell Simmons says he is stepping away from his companies following a second allegation of sexual misconduct. In an essay published by The Hollywood Reporter on Thursday, screenwriter...
  8. Marco Andretti

    Brehs.. Imagine Hittin this from the Back :ooh:

    Post 1 by Marco Andretti posted Feb 17, 2017 at 9:35 PM You at the club one night and you step to her after the club . Both of yal had a couple.. You take baby home after the club and you see this .. What yal brehs doin:mjlol:
  9. SheWantTheD

    Rickey Smiley's Son "Black Females Are Not Attractive To Me"

    Go to 5:40
  10. SmokyQuartz

    G CHECK SEASON: Young Thug's Mom Makes Him apologize

    :whew: Young Thug's Mama Sent Him Back To The Airport To Apologize For Insulting Employees Young Thug’s mama apparently sent him back to the airport where he offended two Alaskan Airline employees and she made him apologize for insulting them. The Atlanta rapper shared the moment on his...
  11. Klyk21

    Mentally Ill Thot Mom kills son and text BF video of dead body and uses laughing emojis

    Pennsylvania mother kills 17-month-old son and texts video of boy's body to his father with laughing emoji Tweet email Mother Facing Murder Charges In McKeesport Toddler's Death CBS Pittsburgh...
  12. M

    How to WIN SCHOOL: Mom Skools Son on Roasting B4 First Day

    In b4 C00n & cacs with Black people dont study/he should focus on class comments:comeon:- OMG I know its ridiculous for a mom and son to have fun:comeon:- He could grow up to be a great comedian bc of these moments but what do i know :manny: MOM of the fuccing year :mjcry::mjcry::mjcry::wow...
  13. shhh-kull & bones

    Korryn Gaines Son "Kodi" Speaks From His Hospital Bed!

  14. SheWantTheD

    Terry Crews Builds A Computer With His Son

    My PC nerds out there who have built their own custom built computers can relate.
  15. SheWantTheD

    What Will You Teach Your Sons When It Comes To Women & Relationships?

    How early will you teach your son about the "game"? Will you teach him to be #HOH, tell him the truth about the game, dating, relationships and let him decide for himself, groom him to become a player? Will you teach him to be a simp? Personally, my father didn't teach me a lick of game...
  16. O

    Damn didn't know Shabba Ranks son was in the league!!!

    For those who don't remember this guy,he had a classic track: A picture of him and his son: :russ::dead:
  17. Reginald Noble

    Big Pun Son Chris Rivers Killing It

    I had no clue :ooh: Lyrical finesse transferred straight from his daddy balls :wow:
  18. #SOG_soldier

    My son caught me listening to selana gomez

    :damn: What can I do to get his respect back? :scusthov: So I was in my room playing civ 5 after an intense war against Bismarck and shaka, I decided to smoke some weed and listen to some music. .after listening to some 21 savage I put on my #SMSAudio headphones and listened to the...
  19. ADK

    Would you name your son after you?

    First off, anyone with a daughter LOST :umad: Anywho would you name your son after you? I believe it upholds a standard in their life lowkey. Like I was gonna be named after my dad and I think if I would have been, I'd be slightly more successful.