1. Hoodoo Child

    Who are some 'dirty' players that go under the radar?

    This thread was inspired by a co-worker. So, we already know about guys like CP3, Draymond, Danny Green's Evil Twin, Ty Cobb, Suh, Marco Materazzi etc, but we rarely talk about the "sneaky" ones. Discuss
  2. MerCrimmuh

    Shout out those Sports Personalities that are dope people.

    Looks like this thread hasn't been done in about 9 years. I'll admit I don't really watch sports like that the last few years, but I'm moving into a sports focused job and selfishly this would be helpful for me. Any way, here's some folk I appreciate. Add on fam Domonique Foxworth, Mina Kimes...
  3. LinusCaldwell

    Stephen Jackson on how Spurs treats “certain” players

    I seen a clip of the Dejounte Murray interview as well. Pops can’t let one player take down the ways of a winning franchise but what are other instances where teams try to “break” players in any type of sport because of their “upbringing”?
  4. MushroomX

    Ringside News has another Meltdown, including snitching on a favorite strip club WWE wrestlers visit

  5. MushroomX

    Batista's OVW Debut Music Video

    :wow: Evolution is a mystery.
  6. MushroomX

    Tony Khan looking like the Birthday Boy celebrating the day at a Chuck E Cheese

    :mjgrin: That's our PROMOTER OF THE YEAR :pachaha: He gets dibs first on Bozo's Grand Prize Game.
  7. Aaron Rodgers

    Aaron Rodgers

  8. Stunned Jey

    Stunned Jey

  9. Christian Cage

    Christian Cage

  10. AJ and Finn

    AJ and Finn

  11. AJ and Finn

    AJ and Finn

  12. Jey Uso

    Jey Uso

  13. KJ Hamler Time

    KJ Hamler Time

  14. Sad Colts Fan

    Sad Colts Fan

  15. MushroomX

    [10/5] AEW Dynamite: The Sammy Guevara Depreciation Society, the Epitome... of Backstage Brawling

    "Hey AEW Fans, Tony Khan here. Man, if football was 2 Quarters, the Jaguars would have won that game! Trevor Lawrence put up a great effort, but maybe this week we will beat those Texans!" "I heard some rumblings about Sammy and Andrade having a misunderstanding. I talked to both of them, and...
  16. Cowboy Tony Khan

    Cowboy Tony Khan

  17. Jey Uso

    Jey Uso

  18. MushroomX

    Bret Hart/Diesel Royal Rumble 95' Interview: Bret dreams getting a hold of Diesel's Big, Long legs

    :mjlol: Bret set himself up, and Nash with his classic wit.
  19. Tony Khan 2

    Tony Khan 2

  20. Sean O'Haire

    Sean O'Haire