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  1. FAH1223

    Mark Haynes, Warriors beat reporter, gets exposed by Dubs fans for past tweets

    Chris Haynes’ brother It all started cause of this take
  2. Don Homer

    Kevin Durant NEEDS Steph Curry, Steph Curry Doesn’t Need Kevin Durant

    shyt is confirmed at this point. KD has had All-Star teammates, All NBA teammates, future HOFers. He CANNOT win a ring unless he plays with Steph. Steph has more: Finals appearances w/o KD A finals win w/o KD more MVPs than KD Never been swept in a playoff series there’s nothing else to be...
  3. FAH1223

    "You Can See the Light Years a Mile High" - Nuggets (#6) vs. Warriors (#3) West 1st Round Thread

    -------------------------VS------------------------- Projected Lineups : Nuggets Brehs: @Smoking With Cigarettes @T.he I.nformant @Flex Grossman @Mastamimd @nightwing2016 @RajWatts @Yinny Dub Brehs: @Don Homer @dayun @BigMoneyGrip @CSquare43 @BlueHeffner @BayArea510 @ryderldb...
  4. Drew Wonder

    Halfway through the NBA season, who do you think will win the MVP?

    I think this is one of the closest MVP races I've seen in awhile. A look at the candidates 1. Giannis Antetokounmpo, 28.5 ppg on 54/28/71, 11.3 rebounds, 6.1 assists, Team Record: 27-18 (4th in the East) Absolutely dominant on both ends and the fact that the Bucks are 4th despite all the...
  5. Drew Wonder

    VIDEO: How the Suns defense slowed down Steph Curry and the Warriors

    Excellent breakdown.
  6. Don Homer

    It’s A Splash Bros Reunion! Are You Kuminga To The Poole Party? Warriors 2022 Season Thread

    @dayun @BigMoneyGrip @CSquare43 @BlueHeffner @BayArea510 @ryderldb @BlaqkSpliffin @Gil Scott-Heroin @Gilly @aceboon @Ohene @FaTaL @SCORCH @Scholar @LuckyLibra619 @Notfrom63rd @Flight @sidenikkagawd @khross415 @Ishlibidish23 @Robbo @OaklandCertified @SuaveyBoi115 @Regular_P @KingBeez...
  7. FAH1223

    Warriors' Curry, Thompson & Green Pressuring Front Office To Make Big Trade w/ Bradley Beal On Radar

    Sources: Bradley Beal at top of Warriors’ wishlist should he want out of Washington By Marcus Thompson II Some on the Golden State Warriors are watching closely the next move of Washington Wizards guard Bradley Beal. Should he become available, he’s at the top of the offseason wishlist. The...
  8. JesusFOREVER

    Steph Curry and Dame Lillard are the same players without all stars

    Volume scorers who cant do any real damage In the playoffs, i dont see why Steph fans are using this loss as some victory lap when Steph couldn’t even beat that trash Lakers team or inexperienced Memphis team Dame’s top 5 was what? CJ, Melo, Jusuf Nurkic? Rondae Hollins Jefferson? Come on now...
  9. KidJSoul

    The Issue with Steph Curry is that he gets passive in the 4th Quarter

    :francis: I feel like he barely shot the ball down the stretch. He's been doubled before but would find ways to shoot. Look at Sunday against Memphis. nikka got 46. Yeah Brooks got fouled out but he was still doubled and still scored. But here? He kept on relying Draymond Green and Andrew...
  10. F

    Steph Curry or Lebron

    Who is the more influential player of the 2010 decade Chef or Bron. Let’s do a quick rundown then y’all tell it. Steph is responsible for changing the way the game is played with his 3 point shooting. Everybody jacking 3s now from NBA to pickup ball. Steph set the trend for jacking from near...
  11. Leasy

    Is Steph Curry the biggest impact to basketball since Wilt????

    This young skinny kid from Davidson with the bad ankles is the best shooter ever and single-handily changed the game from College and the NBA. You have elite players giving up fast break dunks and lay-ups to attempt 27 footers 7 Ft centers are pulling up from 3 at a rapid pace There are more...
  12. S

    Draymond Green likes a Tweet calling Ayesha Curry ‘pathetic’ for wanting male attention

    ...after saying she keeps the good stuff covered for her mans.
  13. MostReal

    ESPN's Best and Worst NBA shooters of the 2010s (Steph vs Lebron)

    clip shows why Steph Curry :cook: and LeBron James :king: ran the 2010s It's amazing how this showed how they are the extreme opposites of each other which is what led each player's squads to consistently meet each other at the top of the heap. :ehh:
  14. P

    Steve Kerr may have had enough, basically says "No Mas" to Warriors remaining Games

    Steve Kerr says that the season is basically over for them, and he's unsure if the warriors will even play but if you read the article you will see he's literally waving the white flag of surrender. I get it, technically the season is over for them. However what about those fans that paid...
  15. SheWantTheD

    If You Think Steph Curry Is Not Cheating On Ayesha You Are Delusional

    He's at the top of his career and the amount of dimes throwing themselves at him, probably sneaking into his hotel lobby knocking on his door, in the stands giving him I will suck the soul out ya dikk eyes, sliding in his DMs on social media etc. Everywhere he goes women are giving him the...
  16. Steph Curry huh

    Steph Curry huh

  17. Optimus Prime

    Steph Curry sponsoring Howard University's Golf Program

  18. JesusFOREVER

    Now that the Warriors dynasty is over is it time for you hating ass nikkas to admit that

    Steph Curry is the greatest combo guard of all time This nikka can pull up from anywhere past the halfcourt line and hit at an elite rate while handling the rock fast as fukk He can also dish it and drive to the paint and not to mention he’s the greatest shooter of all time :wtf: Hes a fukkin...
  19. KidJSoul

    Steph Curry's legacy won't be affected...

    People forget the effect of time, and the effect of watching in the moment. Was Curry shyt? Yes. As a fan of Steph, he disappointed. But you guys are forgetting something. In 15 years, people will just look at thr numbers and say "wow, Curry averaged 30 points! And Klay and KD got hurt"...