1. Don Homer

    The Warriors NEW Death Lineup Scored 70 Points in 18 Minutes

  2. Streetcar

    Jalen Rose Says Steph Needs Another Ring to Catch IT

  3. KidJSoul

    The Issue with Steph Curry is that he gets passive in the 4th Quarter

    :francis: I feel like he barely shot the ball down the stretch. He's been doubled before but would find ways to shoot. Look at Sunday against Memphis. nikka got 46. Yeah Brooks got fouled out but he was still doubled and still scored. But here? He kept on relying Draymond Green and Andrew...
  4. MostReal

    Steph Curry player of the decade NYT

    I agree :manny: Why Stephen Curry (Not LeBron) Is the N.B.A. Player of the Decade
  5. Archangel

    NBA Championships Ranked in Tiers

    Shout out to Dom2K. Since we are always split on asterisk championships, it's a good idea to rank past champions in tiers according to level of difficulty; not saying winning championships can be easy, but some can be easier than others. We'll only rank 2000-2018. Lettuce begin. Tier 1 includes...
  6. Archangel

    Rockets v Warriors gm 3 Proved One Obvious Thing

    The Warriors would've got blown out if it wasn't for KD dropping 40+ and bringing them back. This is why they begged KD to come. For moments like this. If Steph is not scoring, that's it. If Klay isn't going off and having a historic night, its a wrap. KD affects the game in so many ways on...
  7. Ruck

    Under Armour presents.... the Curry 6

    Under Armour Curry 6 Fox Theater Release Date - Sneaker Bar Detroit Interested in the tech and looks like a pretty good performer. But as far as rockin these kicks casually? No bueno.
  8. GPBear


    Steph second play on all-time list with 378, behind Ray's 385 GOAT shooter doing GOAT shooting things edit: i meant in the playoffs, go ahead and neg/bush this shyt :mjlol: See y'all in April, tho :umad:
  9. JesusFOREVER

    Steph finally got a boy

    Named him Canon :what:, he 100% gonna go by Jack tho :pachaha:
  10. MostReal

    Leading the charge for a more modern style of play. Curry and LeBron

    LeBron and Steph show how the idea of an ‘unselfish star’ keeps evolving The off ball terrorist :whoo: This is why he's 3-1 in the Finals
  11. Steph Curry Handclap Gif

    Steph Curry Handclap Gif

  12. 100Percent

    "One thing my pops always told me is you never count another man’s money. " - Steph Curry

    Warriors: Stephen Curry says he sees no reason to leave the team this summer :lolbron: John wall?
  13. Randoug

    Stephen Curry 1-11 Shooting From Three - Lowlights vs Bucks

    nikka might shoot 15 3's in next game :lupe:
  14. Coi Leray

    Apparently steph curry chose UA over nike because of god

  15. CR7intheVersaceSweater

    Steph Curry Out Game 2 Against Houston Rockets

    :lupe: I saw it on
  16. ☑︎#VoteDemocrat

    Steph Curry and Obama hanging out #MyBrothersKeeper

  17. Broad Street Bully

    So no Steph slander thread from @360Waves tonight?

    Of course there isn't because you can't slander 40/7/7 and two clutch threes at the end to will your squad to the win lol :umad: Just like my man @TheNig said in the observations thread: "MVP doing MVP things" :wow: That boy really done stole the crown :wow:
  18. DonKnock

    Does Curry on the Rockets Beat Harden on GS in a 7 Game Series?

    :jbhmm: With their current rosters. Y'all think Dwight is worthless, and the Rockets role players are chalked up as L's as well. Meanwhile, Golden State's 2-10 options are the best in the League. Should be a pretty interesting match up on paper. Thoughts?:patrice: Respect to @Black Jesus...