1. Rev Leon Lonnie Love

    Birdman & Juvenile - Broke (Official Music Video)

    This shyt wavy as fukk! Stunna is top 5 greatest executive producer of all time :blessed:
  2. Rhule the World

    "Pop that Cris, pop that Mo', slap dat bytch, punch dat hoe" -Big Tymers, 2000

    @2:55 Did they not get flack for this back in the day? Did they not get banned from radio? Promoting domestic violence on the lead single from a platinum album?:gucci:
  3. Behind-the-wheel

    Slim-thick stunna and Guitarist...Ariel 0'Neal

    Good lordt...this girl is so fine. She got a mean donk, pretty face and the hip to waist ratio is just amazing!! And she tears up the 6-strings too!! :ohhh::leon: Video *HOT* - Ariel oneal