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  1. TheEmpress


    [NEW] BRUSE WANE NIGHTMARE'S 2 DREAMS FREESTYLE " OFFICIAL VIDEO" Bruse Wane drops a newly polished freestyle over Styles P & Havoc's Night Mares 2 Dreams. In the "official video" for the freestyle Wane goes to work over the melodic and mesmerizing Havoc produced beat. According to Bruse he...
  2. AMcV'88

    there's a Styles P & Cam'ron EP on the way. (snippet)

    I thought if anything it would have been Jim and Styles since they still drop good music and hold it down for the old heads. actually, I remember when Styles & Jim announced a collab album that never came out about 12 years ago.
  3. Styles P

    Styles P

  4. N*E*R*D

    Why can't certain rappers reclaim that glow or spark they had?

    Had a spark when you started now you just garbage syndrome. I saw it happen to some of my favorite rappers. In sports, it's cool because age catches everyone, but music is a mental muscle that can be done for way longer. How can you go from making genre-defining music to being below average or...
  5. DrexlersFade

    Charlamagne throwing Boxden under the bus with ridiculous claims during interview with the L.O.X.!!!

    Time stamp 35:45 Even Yee was like Oh gosh:dead: I'm not going to even get into ya'll just got to hear it yourselves if them dudes said all that crazy shyt. That site is even worse than I remember :mjlol:
  6. B

    Styles P Has A Strong Message For The Bloods & Crips On The East & West Coast OG's Etc.

    at 34 Sec. Mark
  7. RippTheRuler

    Are The Lox the only group to.never have problems?

    If they have they've never shown it publicly.. some groups break up, beef, have members say things like "idk what's up with him" about another group member. Never even hinted at a drop of bad blood. No "oh im just doing my own thing now" They have solo careers but never threw any type of subs...
  8. Playaz Eyez

    One of Styles P’s angriest verses ever

    FF to 1:50 :damn::damn::damn: Just shyt all over Rocafella
  9. 360dagod


    Randomly came across this... Lox over dr dre beats:ohhh:
  10. Marlo Barksdale

    Ruff Ryders Chronicles (5 part Docuseries) Wednesday 9pm EST on BET

    *UPDATED WITH EPISODES AS THEY ARE POSTED* 1st full episode below Series trailer
  11. Playaz Eyez

    Trae Tha Truth featuring...well, everyone - Time For A Change

    @Hiphoplives4eva @mobbinfms @Billy Ocean @mrken12 @shopthatwrecks @Soundwave @AlbertPullhoez @B. Pumpaveli @Khadafhi @patvfoo @Super Future Luther King Jr. @OHSNAP! @Eza @SouthLife281 @Geechiedan214 @BK The Great @Sickology101 @THUG LiFE @staticshock @StillNotSoft @Big Morg (killa killa)...
  12. Dog Based Gremlin

    10 Year Anniversary Of The GOAT Trap Song Ever

    June 29th 2010 :salute: to Lex Luger for starting it all
  13. ISO

    Dave East and Styles P announce Beloved 2

  14. DrexlersFade

    *New* The Lox- Loyalty and Love *fire*

    This joint right here is tough :wow: Kiss bodied this joint :scust:
  15. hustlemania

    Albums Styles P - Presence (Discussion Thread)

    STYLES P - PRESENCE - YouTube :banderas: @Billy Ocean @Ty-Fife @RichYung @FreshAIG @~Styles~ @Brosef @Redwing80 @Bickin Back Being Bool @FRIED MASON @T.H.E. Goat @tommy Shepherd @Morose Polymath @Freddie.Cane @The Dust King @OnlyInCalifornia @malc @Monoblock @RichYung @General Mills @Art Barr...
  16. Aje

    Style P's "I Get High" vs. Juicy J's "Wax"

    This might be sacrilegious, but I'm going with Juicy J's.
  17. T.H.E. Goat

    And Nikkas Leave The Room When They Hear The P Flowing To Swizz

    Top 5 Styles P song ever:banderas:
  18. T.H.E. Goat

    And nikkas Leave The Room When They Hear The P Flowing To Swizz

    If this ain’t in your Top 5 Styles P songs I can’t consider you a fan
  19. hustlemania

    Albums Styles P- S.P. The GOAT: Ghost Of All Time (Discussion Thread)

    [04:20] 01. Push the Line feat. Whispers & Sheek Louch [03:21] 02. So Much To Say [03:07] 03. Give N Take [03:02] 04. Deadman feat. Jadakiss & Nino Man [02:44] 05. Raw Dreams [02:57] 06. Filthy feat. D-Block Europe [03:24] 07. The Professionals feat. Lil Fame [03:38] 08. What's Up Boy feat. Nino...