1. Mufasa Ahadi

    Name 5 thread topics which describe “thecoli.com” (2022-2023)

  2. Insa Tum-Tum

    Tariq Nasheed on 85south podcast with a sharpie-shape up. seriously..

    he can't be a real FBA with that shape up right?
  3. RiqMonger


    Official FBA
  4. ViShawn

    John Leguizamo on Latinos - "We're the oldest ethnic group in America after Native Americans"

    He's doubling down on this. :mjlol:
  5. Brehvity3135

    California sets precedent by breaking down Black employee data by lineage

  6. Big Daddy Dame

    Who struggles with getting women?

    I posted it in another thread but then I saw that poster was banned so fukk them I know this is old news but this the first time I seen any work of his from before Hidden Colors A few posters here should take notes, can be applied today :sas2:
  7. R

    Tariq’s pawg mother out chea scamming black folks

  8. ViShawn

    Author, Filmmaker, Museum Curator, Entrepreneur Tariq Nasheed announces new miniseries and streaming service.

    Family, you can also donate to his Kickstarter for the film. :troll:
  9. I

    Boosius Christ Hath DeliverT Another One...

  10. BaileyPark31

    Michelle Màlkin: Don't Blame Whíteý

    :mjpls:...... Yeah, she's still trash ....... Asians: Stop blaming Whitey By Michelle Malkin Mar 10, 2021 Comments Facebook Twitter SMS Email Facebook Twitter SMS Email Save Can I have your attention, please? I’m going to share a little secret that liberal “people of color”...
  11. Tariq "I have a lot of options"

    Tariq "I have a lot of options"

  12. CopiousX

    I dont get why Tariq keep talking bout "the numbers"

    He's acting like sht will change just because cacs gonna be a minority in a few decades. Meanwhile in South Africa... Its 80% black folk and cacs own 90% of everything living in While the black people live in ... Far as I see it, cacs were a minority on Earth in 1492...
  13. I

    What would you do if you found out that you’re related to.......

    Hit em up and ask for some of that scam money from the quote unquote conference... Yes indeed family. :mjgrin: OAN, Tariq is creole. :ehh:
  14. I

    The second black businessman that I Introduced to Tone, Yvette, and Tariq.......

    Called me yesterday and told me he had to unfollow them on twitter.:francis: Backstory: This past summer, I was at a business lunch and in conversation the topic of reparations came up. I was at a table with three black businessmen here in Chicago. One is the head of Chicago’s black republican...
  15. 606onit

    13:12 CST - 12/12 TARIQ SHOW LIVE: Let's listen as a COLI FAMILY, so we don't rewrite history

    All you FBA-hating, unappreciative johnny-come-latelys.....listen and press 4 in the chat if you're a COLI FAM since every page needs a TARIQ THREAD :win: Here's another. Press the LIKE Button on the way in Tariq Nasheed: Plantation Spectacles - YouTube
  16. BiggWebb79

    ADOS Soldier comes for Tariq

    Dude was animated as fukk telling Tariq to get inline for disrespecting the founders and Tariq called the guy a crackhead :mjlol:
  17. C

    damn!!!! Yvette Carnell is going in on Tariq Nasheed!!!! FBA VS ADOS

    Yvette going in...... Stay tuned family!
  18. jeff8

    Mechee X claims Tariq Nasheed is pimpin the community

  19. M

    Would you do mouth to mouth to save your best friend life?

    This is one of the realist question, you rather save your best friend life or die as a 100% straight man?:dame:
  20. M

    Anyone else got disappointed with JBO?

    I remember I was new here and didn't have the access to it, I thought I would find some premium material there Come to find out it's just a bunch of dudes worshipping white women:beli: