the monster

  1. CopiousX

    I messed up brehs. I think im gonna be fired :mjcry:

    Guys i really messed up. This is it for me. I might as well apply at Amazon now :mjcry: So a few years ago after listening to some inspiring posts by @The Radiant One and @DropTopDoc i decided to get my life together and I applied for medical school. It was hard and i encountered a lot of...
  2. Blankthawtz

    Happy National H.I.V. Testing Day Everybody....Describe How U Felt When Tested!

    never been scared when i got tested cuz i know who i stuck my dikk in...raw or not..... the nurse givin the test tried to give me pamphlets and a pep talk before the results just in case it came back positive....:childplease: bytch i'm gucci....gimme them results and lemme go get...
  3. #1 pick

    LSA Talks: Black women account for 61% of new HIV diagnoses among women, although are only 13% -CDC

    Over 280,000 women aged 13 and older are living with HIV in the United States, and 7,402 women were diagnosed with HIV in 2015. Black/African American* women continue to be disproportionately affected by HIV, accounting for 61% of recent diagnoses but only 13% of the female population. The HIV...