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  1. Playaz Eyez

    Smoke DZA Crowns Best Wrestler Ever [Complex Brackets]

  2. Jisoo Stan

    The Rock speaks on declining a return to F&F


    The Rock has half-siblings?

    Interesting. Like Vince, I always thought he was an only child. :wow: He never mentions them or anything - even in the Young Rock show about his personal life, I think (correct me if I'm wrong). I wonder what his relationship with them is like? :jbhmm: His sister at the bottom
  4. Mufasa Ahadi


  5. prophecypro

    The Rock out here rapping (new track with Tech9 dropping tomorrow)

  6. MushroomX

    Be the Booker: Roman Reigns goes Hollywood, who is the Franchise now?

    So let's say 2022 comes, Roman vs. Rock happens at WrestleMania. Roman goes over Rock, 'ends his career' but then the following night drops the Title with an injury angle to film a movie that Roman gets tagged for. He gets interested, and thinks that perhaps he should try more films for a few...
  7. Optimus Prime

    "Young Rock" comedy based on the life of Dwayne Johnson @NBC

    premieres tonight on NBC
  8. B

    Tell me, you didn't just say that!

    Ruckus T is back on his BS & this time this is the most absurd shıt he ever said. "The Rock stole a bunch of my catchphrases" - WWE Hall Of Famer WWE NEWS “The Rock stole a bunch of my catchphrases” – WWE Hall Of Famer ByAG Posted on January 4, 2021 • “THE ROCK STOLE A BUNCH OF MY...
  9. Vice Queen

    Dwanta Claus gifts Harvey Whippleman a Ford F-150 For Christmas

    @therock on Instagram: “My life (especially my teenage years) has been full of the wildest twists and turns - yet God and the universe had always found a way to…” Cliffs, but you should really watch it: At 15, Dwayne lived with Harvey after being booted from Hawaii He also lived with him when...
  10. Paper Boi adds "Jabroni" as an official new word in the latest update

  11. Chris Cool

    The Rock congratulates HHH on 25 years in WWE

  12. Superkick Party

    The Rock's daughter Simone Johnson has joined the WWE PC

  13. Norrin Radd

    Red Notice (Netflix Heist Thriller ft. Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, Gal Gadot)

  14. The Rock

    The Rock

  15. Kidd Dibiase

    Batista Gives Harsh Comments About The Rock’s Acting Skills

    Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Batista recently did an interview with This was conducted prior to him making his return on this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw in Atlanta, GA at the State Farm Arena on the USA Network to start his feud with Triple H at WrestleMania 35...
  16. R

    A spin-off kinda: Who was the better heel? Austin Or Rock?

    This was a question that popped into my head while going through the when did The Rock surpassed Austin thread. We always debate who was the biggest and best babyface between the 2 but who do y'all think was better at playing the heel? Most notable heel run from Austin was the majority of 2001...
  17. prophecypro

    ASAP ROCK? Dwayne shows Yams love RIP

    :leon: I didnt know breh was down with ASAP like that GKNL:blessed:
  18. NYChase718

    Full Timers lose again. Royal rumble 2019

    This plan was obviously nixed when Reigns announced his second battle with leukemia back in October but WrestleVotes speculated that Rock could still win the Rumble and challenge Brock Lesnar for the title at WrestleMania. It's been reported that Vince McMahon has wanted to do a Rock vs. Brock...
  19. prophecypro

    Rumor: The Rock Offered Eight Figures To Work Saudi Arabia Show in April as Champion

    First Hoegan and Shawn for the November show Now this for the next show April Rumor: The Rock Offered Eight Figures To Work Saudi Arabia Show Rumor: The Rock Offered Eight Figures To Work Saudi Arabia Show If you smell the money Rock is counting. The Saudi Arabian shows have turned the WWE...