1. TEH

    Tell the truth how many times did you refresh your browser when TheColi went offline?

    I missed this place :to: Freepost / daps and rep
  2. COLI2K JBO Hall of Fame Badge

    COLI2K JBO Hall of Fame Badge

  3. KidJSoul

    Worst post you've ever read on the Coli?

    Here's mine: Feel free to post something pathetic, stupid, dumb, or morally objectionable? EDIT: I advise everyone to put a period "." After each quote to make it easier to reply to.
  4. Jean Jacket

    Found this Stray Cat today...New Best Friend... Cat is cool as fukk. Thanks idiot owner.

    Cat was at my door this morning. Looked like it been through a lot...she was crying and I could see she had to get away from somebody bad. I instantly threw my cape around her and brought her in and was so angry I was shaking at the monster that would abandon this animal like this. Gave it...
  5. Apprentice

    TheColi Summer Playlist

    Summer right around the corner, wanted to make a playlist with posters songs of the summer Peep the poll and let me know which platform would be better to put the playlist together the only rule really is don’t post multiple songs, lots of nikkas on here so just keep it to 1 song also don’t...
  6. Apprentice

    Just Here To Hold nikkas Accountable

    @Brooklynzson welcome back brodie, glad to hear you’re feeling well. Had you in my prayers real live i fukk wit this site and y’all said like 2 months ago software was gonna be updated around two weeks ago we two weeks removed from 2 weeks and thecoli still look the same it do when I joined in...
  7. It is a mystery

    How far would a rapper get using exclusively Coli A&R?

    TheColi/The booth gets to scout and manage an artist with 100% control over their creative direction. Would they shoot to the top? Would they flop?
  8. Ahadi

    Don’t some of you ever get tired of dikk-watching / Feminist babble / Negativity?

    Over and over again Worst than scorn ass women. You’re “Black men” Unless you’re battling it head on outside. Why repost that energy here? Why mentally consume BS and continue about your day? You got “brehs” with defeatist attitudes saying they aren’t good enough cause they’re black...
  9. DrBanneker

    The 2021 Coli Analytics Award Thread

    @Barnett114 @TradePascalSiakam @Rarely-Wrong Liggins mods let me know if you can sticky Welcome to the fourth annual theColi Analytics Awards! Year after year we chronicle in hard numbers, the good, bad, weird, and downright crazy users and posts of Coli fame. Once again, big ups to @cook and...
  10. KidJSoul

    You coli nikkas aren't that different than the women you complain about on LSA or anywhere else

    You complain about how arrogant and gassed up these women are nowadays Yet still go raw and simp for any trashy broad and ask why "modern women have no class"... ...The same way women on LSA or Twitter or wherever complain about how rude and toxic most men are, while being bored by good men...
  11. KidJSoul

    Is this the GOAT front page in The Locker Room in TheColi history? PAWGS, Covid, thots, & more

    Seriously, look at the thread titles, primed for fukkery :wow: so much fukkery: I damned near opened all of them in new windows :pachaha:
  12. SheWantTheD

    thecoli virus? Keeps asking me if I want to download some sh

    On my iPhone only on thecoli I keep getting a pop-up asking "Do you want to download "f.txt.js"? I'm not getting it on any other sites. Y'all need to fix y'all shyt! :hhh:
  13. It is a mystery

    Did the coli servers catch the Rona?

    Shyt is getting spooky :lupe: Is this the beginning of the end? :merchant:
  14. DrBanneker

    TheColi Analytics Awards - 2020 Edition

    @Barnett114 @TradePascalSiakam mods let me know if you can sticky Welcome to the third annual theColi Analytics Awards! Following two successful years of highlighting the good (and bad) of posters by metrics we will hit up top posters, top impact posters, top posts, etc. This year we will also...
  15. SirReginald

    What Religion Is Best For Black Americans?

    Im going to be neutral and not take a stance. However, which one do you think is the best for Black folk and why? Whether it be Islam, Buddhism, Humanism (philosophy), Ethiopian/African Christianity, Judaism, or etc.
  16. M

    President Joe Biden Has Won the 2020 Election

    The debates are gonna be hilarious. Trump "Sleepy Joe, what have you done for black people." :smugbiden: "I am here to... G ... you know it, whatcha ma call it. Yeah!" Trump "What is this sleepy joe talk I am hearing. Can't even speak legible but wants to be president.
  17. SirReginald

    SPIN: What's Wrong With Young Black Women Being 'Witches'?

    Since we had that thread of young Black women into being witches, what do you think about them? Do you feel like they are serving some hocus pocus? Why is it a bad thing for them to be witches? In their defense, theey aren't hurting anyone.
  18. SirReginald

    Why Do Christians Hold Anti-Semitic Views About Jews & Condemn Non Believers To Hell?

    Look, they have been doing it since the beginning. Look up what happened with the Sephardic Anusim in Spain. They forcefully converted them to Christianity. I don't hate Christianity. In fact, I admire Christianity, but it's followers turn me off. They have to prosthelytize you. For...
  19. SirReginald

    Why Don't Christians Follow Dietary Law?

    I always wondered besides the SDA and Orthodoxy was why don't most Christians follow dietary law from the Old Testament. They continue to eat Pork, Crab, Lobster, and Shellfish. However, when homosexuality and premarital sex comes up they go back to the OT. Why is this? Do most Western...
  20. SirReginald

    In Nigeria, Igbo Jews Ae Facing Anti-Semitism

    In Nigeria, Igbo synagogues burned and bulldozed amid broader civil unrest November 13, 2020 By David Ian Klein At least six Igbo synagogues have been razed by soldiers in Nigeria’s River State, a part of the country’s Biafra region, according to 9Africa news. The Biafra region has been an area...