1. Pdiddy

    Papa Pimp getting the cuties

  2. Pdiddy

    PaPa PiMp Livestream @ 8:15 PM Eastern Standard Time

    Some cat said he wanted to debate..we'll see if he shows
  3. thefloorislava

    Share your Unpopular TurnOns/Turnoffs in Women

    Turnons I find tattoos hot on women especially if they are well done; I like septum piercings too. I like women who love to have passionate debates as long as they are respectful. I tend to be the most attracted to women that challenge me in a unique way Turnoffs I hate it when a chick is...
  4. Pdiddy

    Papa Pimp claps back on titty chick

  5. Pdiddy

    Papa Pimp phucked at the Beach

    nikka said I dont go to the beach
  6. Pdiddy

    Papa Pimp Live Telecast @ 8:15 est

  7. Pdiddy

    Papa Pimp Going Live at 8:15 est with Auston Holleman

  8. NinoBrown

    GMB (Be All You Can Be) Marine Sends His OnlyFans/TikTok Ex-Wife to The Afterlife Waste all around!!!!
  9. Pdiddy

    Stephen A Meets More College Cuties + Got Sucked Off

    guess which one got loose? :shaq:
  10. Pdiddy

    going live at 7:15 eastern standard time

    only the real
  11. Pdiddy

    @pdiddy live @ 7:15 PM

  12. Pdiddy

    Pickup Up More Women...Getting Turned Down Too

    :sas2: Another day in the life of a G
  13. Ahadi

    Maralee Nichols Is Selling Her Texas Condo For $900k & Moving To Cali To Get More Child Support

    Maralee Thompson three weeks after giving birth to her and Tristan Thompson’s child has put up her Texas Condo for sale in the wake and heat of ongoing child support battle with Tristan. Ok Magazine says Maralee is selling her Texas Condo for a whopping $900,000. Maralee Nichols listed her...
  14. Pdiddy

    *vid*African Playa Shows Me Mall Game

    :ehh: we will be collabing soon
  15. Pdiddy

    How to Get Booty Easy (lol) Going Live Tonight @ 7:15 EST

    Hit that live nikka @ 7:15 EST Come talk ya shyt fam
  16. Pdiddy

    Pulled A Real Phat Ass Yesterday- Going Live Tonight @ 7PM EST

    Going live at 7 PM EST....Come Holla at a nikka ...or talk your shyt
  17. Pdiddy

    Pulled a BIG Tidday Beauty -Going Live at 7 EST

    I tried yesterday, but streamyard was tripping. Pull up to chop it up, talk shyt, or whatever. Can ask her questions too. Going live at 7 EST
  18. Pdiddy


  19. Pdiddy

    How to Meet Women Easy- Live Infield Approaches

    What type of content would you like to see?
  20. Pdiddy