1. Rhule the World

    Visiting Toronto in June for my birthday

    Coli TDot nikkas! What up famz! Big ups the Scarborough massive! Anyway lol, I'm visiting the 6ix in June for my birthday, the weekend of the 22nd. I'm trying to put an itinerary together for the trip & I need your help finding things to do. - Food spots? (Breakfast, Caribbean, Pizza/Italian...
  2. Luken

    If drake could sing and kinda dance...he might of surpassed Michael already...

    OVO has this business, networking, image and branding on  lock. Next phase of his career will probably be some Josh Groban or John Mayer type of shiet. I cant lie, despite the antics, he makes me proud. And this is coming from a Pusha T fan.
  3. C

    Other Caribana Weekend Music

    post anything, dont gotta be recent shyt only
  4. Luken

    @sanitaryover8ted come to Toronto and let me nut on your face for TLR

    Its looking like a weekend of plats:blessed: @sanityovar8ted are you vaxxed, can you fly? Can you come to canada? Im still trying to break these coli servers:blessed: And if you cant something for me, do something for me do something for the homies @Krisrunner2049 or @BrothaZay
  5. FAH1223

    Miami HEAT are favorites to land Kyle Lowry in S&T with the Toronto Raptors

  6. Embrehyo

    Singles Kardinal Offishall - Ol' Time Killin (Classic T Dot)

  7. It is a mystery

    Owner lists "house" in Toronto for 1 mil, gets $800K over asking price

    This is sold for 1.8 Million dollars. In 10 days after the listing too! :dahell: Bedrooms: 2 Bathrooms: 1 Sq. ft: N/A Lot: 20.16 x 129 Feet Taxes: $5,307 Sold for: $1,808,000 Toronto LAWST. Might need to flattop the CN...
  8. Luken

    Ask a nikka that just bought a $1000 steak for no reason anything

    i dont even know how to cook, Quarantine got me bored. gonna try and get a girl to cook it for me :yes: :ld:
  9. Mufasa Ahadi

    Jeremy Lin signs for CBA team Beijing Ducks!

    Jeremy Lin, Beijing Ducks Agree to Contract After Winning NBA Title with Raptors As he should :yeshrug:
  10. Luken

    Ask a nikka partying with some hipster millionaires anything

    As the thread title says :ld:
  11. Brosef

    Woj: Kawhi re-signing with Raps is a Serious Consideration Now

    :myman: Woj: Kawhi Leonard Re-Signing With Raptors 'A Serious Consideration Now' MAY 6, 2019 6:01 PM The Toronto Raptors appear to have improved their odds of re-signing Kawhi Leonard as the season has progressed. Leonard appeared to prefer a trade to either the Los Angeles Clippers or Los...
  12. 85 East

    Turono Talks Podcast

    So I do this weekly Podcast on my FB page and my Youtube channel called Turono Talks every Wed night around 7:30/7:45ish for about 90 mins. Basically we chop it up and talk shop about Hip hop, sex, drugs, politics and shyt that happens here in Toronto(we don't say the second T) I'm trying to...
  13. Luken

    No homo but if it wasn't for Spinoza AKA Koven i Wouldn't be who I am today

    Years upon Years Upon Years ago, Before Drake, Before whatsapp and phones you could watch netflix on, before the social media blow-up...shyte before Facebook even, there were social gathering based websites like Black Planet, Asian Avenue etc. The Toronto social scene had a unique site called...
  14. Mr anansi


    Multiple sexual assaults downtown lead to arrest of Toronto man Ronnice Giscombe, 30, of Toronto is seen in this police handout. Kayla Goodfield, Published Thursday, August 16, 2018 5:21PM EDT Multiple sexual assaults of two females downtown over the past four years have led...

    Raptors one of the top bets to acquire Kawai

    New Kawhi Leonard betting odds have Raptors fans in disbelief - Article - BARDOWN :mjgrin:
  16. MalickSyXShabbaz

    Mo-G letting all woke rap fans know what it is post-scorpion

  17. RammerJammer

    BREAKING: Toronto Raptors fire Dwane Casey

  18. Lebronto Raptors

    Lebronto Raptors

  19. FAH1223

    Sweeping Bullets off the Floor: Official Wizards (#8) vs. Raptors (#1) 1st Round Thread

    I'm making this thread a few days in advance. If somehow the seedings change, I'll make edits. However, if the Wizards can't beat the Hawks and Knicks, what makes anyone think they can beat the Magic and Celtics to finish the season??? But THE WASHINGTON BULLETS are in SHAMBLES. Losers of 13...
  20. Guru

    Drake sits down for a 20 minute interview with Chris Bosh & Lebron James