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  1. ISO

    Tory Lanez with a message for the fans from prison

  2. shutterguy

    Tory Lanez & Yoko Gold - Hurts Me

    New track, sounds like it could be an addition to Alone At Prom album. Same track Kylie Jenner was playing a few days ago.
  3. TheEmpress

    Bruse Wane Live Ep 65: Elon Musk, Jim Jones, Pusha T, 50 Cent, Desiigner's Mental

    BRUSE WANE LIVE EPISODE 65 PLAYING NOW: #Hiphop #Rap #News {Topics] Elon Musk Twitter Up Roar, Alec Baldwin, Black Teen Shot In Head, Morgan Freeman On African Americans, Torey Lanez, 50cent & Mayweather, Jim jones Aiming At Pusha-T, Rapper Desiigner..Seeks Mental Help, Bruse Wane Elevation...
  4. Uncle Baby Billy

    Tory Lanez's dad looks as goofy as he does

  5. T

    BLOCKBUSTER: Megan The Stallion’s Star Witness Her BFF Kelsey Pleads The 5th … Refuses To Say Tory Shot Megan!

    The case against Tory Lanez just went down the toilet today, Media Take Out confirmed. The prosecution’s star witness- Meg’s former best friend Kelsey plead the fifth, and refused to corroborate Meg’s statement that Tory shot the female rapper. They have the full story on Media Take Out. bytch...
  6. shutterguy

    Tory Lanez - Sorry 4 What (Discussion Thread)

  7. ISO

    Tory Lanez critiques state of hip-hop

  8. Ahadi

    Singles Tory Lanez - Shot Clock Violation

  9. TheEmpress

    Bruse Wane Live Ep 51: Now Playing: RIP Kango KID , Prodigy Of Mobb Deep Gets ? The Black Panther

    Bruse Wane Live Episode 51 RIP Kango KID, Prodigy Of Mobb Deep Gets... Bruse Wane Live Episode 51 [TOPICS] RIP Kango KID of U.T.F.O, Prodigy Of Mobb Deep Gets ? Will The Black Panther Role Be Recasted ?, Kyle Rittenhouse Wants To Meet With Biden, Did Tory Lanez Have Some Choice Words Before...
  10. ---

    80's Babies | Tory Lanez | Alone at the Prom

    Tory Lanez – Alone at Prom Enchanted Waterfall Pink Dolphin Sunset Midnight’s Interlude The Color Violet Lavender Sunflower Ballad of a Badman Lady of Namek Pluto’s Last Comet ’87 Stingray Hurt From Mercury Last Kiss Of Nebulon It's a solid album! Going to have to play it in the whip to make...
  11. Ahadi

    Albums Tory Lanez - ALONE AT PROM (Discussion Thread)

  12. shutterguy

    Tory Lanez - Alone At Prom + Deluxe Version (Discussion Thread)

    Alone At Prom, Tory's throwback retro homage album is out and sounding like a classic. Deluxe Version out Nov. 17th. Store is open for Deluxe box set on cd, vinyl, and cassette!
  13. Rhapture

    Tory Lanez trying to out petty 50 Cent

  14. Ahadi

    Singles Chris Brown - Telephone (Ft. Tory Lanez)

    :wow: Too talented.
  15. Ahadi

    Tory Lanez – PLAYBOY (Discussion Thread)

    1. And This is Just The Intro 2. Extravagant Bullshyt__Nunchucks 3. H.E.R.__Are You Dumb 4. Distance 5. …The Make Up 6. Lady of Neptune 7. Feels (feat. Chris Brown) 8. Deceiving Eve 9. Y.D.L.R 10 The Serve (It) Anthem 11 Shooby Doowoop__One Last Heartbreak 12 Don’t Walk Away :ehh: Smooth
  16. Tunechi

    On Set Of Tory Lanez, Lil Wayne + Jake Paul's 'Big Tipper' Video Shoot

    Fresh off the pardon, Lil Wayne went straight back to work filming a music video for Tory Lanez‘ “Big Tipper” collaboration with himself and Melii. The visual is being directed by Christian Breslauer of The Lucky b*stards and it will include a cameo from YouTuber and boxer Jake Paul. If you...
  17. Tunechi

    Tory Lanez "Big Tipper" ft. Lil Wayne and Melii

    A new Tory Lanez track called “Big Tipper” featuring Lil Wayne and Melii has surfaced online. The song will appear on Tory‘s upcoming Rap Capsule project, due to be released on Friday (December 18th). You can listen to “Big Tipper” after the jump below! What are your thoughts on the...
  18. REdefinition

    Tory innocent? The bodyguard says Meg's homegirl shot her

    Cliffs for those that don't wanna watch: -Security guy was outside the car and left his gun in the car -Tory had been fukking Meg and her Friend at the same time and that's what the argument was over -Meg gets out of the car and is done with the situation -Tory and the homegirl fight over the...