1. JadeB

    Putin may face second war front as Chechnya threatens another rebellion

    Putin faces second war front as Chechens threaten new offensive in Russia fukk Fox News btw
  2. Alix217

    Russia Captured A Third US National (Coli Breh)

    Third US national held captive by pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine Suedi Murekezi, 35, was arrested last month in Kherson, friends and family say Russia-Ukraine war: latest updates Suedi Murekezi, the third American held captive in Ukraine. Photograph: Youtube Pjotr Sauer Wed 13 Jul 2022...
  3. BlackJesus

    White Supremacists with the Ukraine flag in their bios

    Been peeping this trend of cacs who pop off on twitter, can't say it's a coincidence :mjpls:
  4. Take It In Blood

    Nastradomus predicted the current Ukraine/Russia sh1t 7 years ago

    2nd verse Let Nastradomus tell us what time it is :ahh:
  5. JadeB

    US intelligence says Putin honestly believes he's winning

  6. Gopher Putin

    Gopher Putin

  7. Theraflu

    PeaceCorps Advises African-American Volunteers They May Be Called N-Word By Ukrainian Refugees

    Diversity and Inclusion Possible Considerations for African American or Black Volunteers visiting Ukraine Volunteer Voices: “'People of color' face many challenges living in Ukraine, as a Peace Corps Volunteer. However, African-Americans will confront far more complicated issues. For modern...
  8. JadeB

    Germany begins building what will become Europe's largest army

    NPR Cookie Consent and Choices A MARTINEZ, HOST: German Chancellor Olaf Schulz's decision to more than double the funding for his country's military has caught not only Europeans, but also Germans by surprise. The country's reckoning with its own history has, for decades, prevented it from...
  9. Mr anansi

    comrade says your presidents and prime ministers to blame for gas

    "Those Gas Prices Ain't Got Nothing To Do With Me, They Are Fooling You" Putin Drops A Message To The Western Citizens... Claiming Country Is Lying!
  10. Swirv

    Pawgers are you willing to fighter for Ukraine

    Ukraine offers foreign fighters $2,000 per day to fight against Russia - The Street Journal Would you do it?
  11. ReturnOfJudah

    Believe what you see on tv bruhs

  12. JadeB

    Russian troops accused of raping women in Ukraine

    Russian soldiers, pressing forward with their invasion of Ukraine, have been accused of raping women, by a resident of the occupied city of Kherson and by Ukraine's foreign minister Kherson resident Svetlana Zorina, speaking to CNN on Friday, highlighted the fear the local people feel now that...
  13. J

    Pentagon worries its weak ‘Nintendo generation’ breaks too easily to withstand war

    what y’all think lol
  14. Unknown Poster

    Whattup wit negroes defending Ukraine on social Media? :patrice:

    This is a white on white conflict. Respectfully. Its not a Black People's issue. Ukraine can hold their nuts. :yeshrug: Them Ukrainians and Russians hate Black folks. And are extremely racist as fukk to boot. Let em fight it out. When Have Ukrainians ever defended Black People? :patrice: Wy...
  15. JadeB

    Miami Russians fear housing discrimination due to the Invasion of Ukraine

    Wealthy Russians who parked money in Florida's 'Little Moscow' worry they'll be blacklisted from buying luxury real estate Sunny Isles, Florida, is known as "Little Moscow" because of the many Russian elites who live there. They're worried sanctions could prevent them from buying real estate...
  16. 2Quik4UHoes

    The History of Russia & Ukraine: A Thread

    In light of posts in the official invasion thread I thought it would be good to start a thread for us all to better acquaint ourselves with the history of these two nations. I’ll go dig up some info but if anyone would like to contribute that’s more knowledgeable please feel free the floor is...
  17. African Peasant

    Where are the footages of the so called heavy battles in Ukraine?

    I'm hearing the news talking about "fierce battles", "heavy battles", "violent confrontations", etc. But I ain't seeing no footage. :dahell: I'm just seeing images of tanks, helicopters, and soldiers running around. Sarajevo, Freetown, Grozny or Fallujah were violent battles and you could see...
  18. Prince-Vegeta

    Just a regular day in Mother Russia

  19. newarkhiphop

    The Russia - Ukraine Conflict

    :francis: WW3, let's go.
  20. FAH1223

    Senator Joni Ernst: GOP could impeach Joe Biden for Burisma and Hunter Biden if he becomes POTUS